Vogue 8972


‘Good morning Professor! I’m so glad you let me come along this morning!’

‘That’s grand Penny. I myself am bursting with excitement over your potential sighting of this rare and glorious creature! Did you bring everything I asked for?’

‘Oh yes, sir! It’s all in my junior explorers pack. Altho some of it confused me.’

‘oh Penny, sweet, foolish Penny- didn’t you do your homework? The red bellied cheetah beast is a rare and glorious thing- she must be trapped with particular items!’

‘Professor, I did my research! I know it’s genus is Vogue 8972, it comes in many shapes and it is sadly extinct.’

‘Oh, Penny! The light is setting in, we must hurry! Our quarry rises early-‘

‘I know- the book says ‘It rises early to sneak food before it’s mate begins it’s day.’  That’s weird….’

‘Alright Penny- lets bait our trap. What did you bring?’

‘I brought everything the book said: a pop culture look at the jazz era, some candy and a Betsey Johnson clutch bag. What are we going to do?’

‘Very easy Penny. First we set up a basic box trap lightly slathered with cream cheese icing and use our calls to get it to the area unaware of the trap.’

‘Ok, but whats the Colin Firth  dvd for?’

‘If the call whistle doesn’t work, we try a recording of Colin Firth doing the proposal speech from Pride and Prejudice- Penny- are you sure you read the manual? Alright, the rope is ready, sticking out just in sight of the tree line where I see the signs of her’

“What signs, Professor? Bent leaves? Depressed moss?’

‘No, Penny- those kitkat wrappers, Vanity Fair magazines and the spent Keureg cups.’

‘Oh, of course. I’ll start using the lure call.  ANNA SUI! ANNA SUI! ANNA SUI!

“No, Penny- that’s the long range call- use the close proximity lure!’



‘Do you see anything? I think I see a flash of red! Gees- she’s bigger than I imagined!’

‘Big-boned Penny- as a proud red-bellied cheetah would be! Look at her plummage! She is a thing of dreams, Penny and we saw her here. I swell with pride.’


‘Oh, Professor, I think think she sees us, she’s not getting any closer.’

‘Alright Penny, we’ve come to far to give up- I can see her top stitching and well-pressed facings from here! Bring out the Colin Firth dvd- she can’t resist that!’

‘Ok, Professor, but I really prefer The Kings Speech- Oh,oh! I see her! ‘


‘Wow Professor! Vogue 8972 has 5 skirt panels! She’s breathtaking!’

‘Yes, Penny- and extinct- I mean discontinued….She’s going for the trap!!!’


‘Professor! Look she’s preening!’

“Yes, Penny- the red-bellied cheetah Vogue 8972 is a proud beastie!’



“Professor- must we take her with us? She seems so happy here….’

‘You’re right Penny- she belongs here, with her friends and her wild pack of short-legged fur beasts. I can’t take her back to the observatory, much as I’d like to. I wonder if anyone will believe we actually saw her…..Come on, Penny. I’ll buy you a slushie’


photo credits: wiki, google images, Pattern Review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

64 thoughts on “Vogue 8972

  1. LOL…You had me laughing from the beginning…which doesn’t hide the fact that this is a really cute dress 🙂 Love the print, and that splash of red is perfect 🙂 Love the lures used…is there really anything better than P & P the way it’s supposed to be done (like with Colin Firth?!). Of course that works every time…!

    Now I’ll have to look up that pesky Vogue pattern because I’m sure my stash is missing that one 🙂

    Well done! Carry on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stunning in her native wild habitat blending in with the flora and fauna. There is a special marking just at the top of her red belly sash…maybe something that denotes leadership in her group? Yes, not all of them have that…a medal of sorts…for bravery in inserting a solid into her raiment perhaps…she must be a very highly evolved specimen…and the toes…covered in solid red containers…so perfect! She is way too good for Colin!


  3. OMG- you are hilarious! I needed a good laugh after a dismal sewing project had me down in the dumps, so thank you for the mood changer. You look really cute in this ensemble- dress, shoes, hair, the whole shebang works great together!


  4. HAA HAA HAAA HAAA! Can’t breath. Might have had more fun than is allowed in one blog post. Don’t worry beautiful cheetah, I will free you and release you back into the wild where you belong. You are far too lovely to be in a preserve
    This dress is perfect! The cheetah pattern with the splash of red. Be still my heart.


  5. danvillegirl says:

    Love this post!!!You are most creative!!!! I like your version of this dress. That red truly works with the cheetah fabric. Great job and the fit is purrrrfect!


  6. How do you do it? Cheetah and red? I would look like…..hmmm, I have no words for how awful I would look in that. You? You look amazing! And you’re hilarious. It’s so unfair that you’re the complete package AND have M&M’s. Sigh!


  7. I just snorted tea up my nose as I was drinking a cup when I read this. Ah, Mr. Darcy! I could be lured out by him, too. I agree with the commenter above, you do look beautiful in this dress! The red midriff is fantastic. Very well done.


  8. You are by far one of the wittiest, funniest, most outrageously clever bloggers on the interwebs. True fact. I can’t even explain how much you make me laugh and smile and otherwise just be happy!

    And this dress is up there as one of my favourites on you, I absolutely love it! LOVE it!


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