Wearable Wednesaday Sally LaPointe

This is all over the place. In that almost good way. Shoes? Kind of Bing Crosby. I also love that it has Velcro panels for hanging stray socks until you find their mates.


Um, huh….well. Yeah, I’d be mad too.


Ladies, lets put our bodice trays in the upright position, we are preparing for take off.


These next bust darts are for you, Mrs Mole:


Back in  9th grade I used to buy this foundation color. Not so good.


I like- unless you tell me the fringe is coming from her tail or something.


Is it backwards, or does she just wish she were walking away?




photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

42 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesaday Sally LaPointe

  1. Darts? For me? Surely not…they certainly violate the “no-fly” zone of ending way away from the nipples! The “foundation” outfit with the cool jacket and side zippers…way cool…the rest could pass with some lining in the bust area. The belt…what are those metal ovals called..gaucho somethings? That poor girl wearing her dress backwards…wonder what the front looks like? That candy corn sheer blouse and scarf are definitely keepers!


  2. OMG! They need to add a required course to designer school: Linings 101.

    I sort of like the “bodice tray” one. Probably wouldn’t work for me though. The shoes? Yuck!


  3. sewbussted says:

    As often as designers show see through blouses with no bra, I wonder why it has never taken off? 😉
    I do like a number of pieces in the collection….so not a loss 🙂 Thanks Anne!


  4. The chiffon-y pieces are kind of interesting, but seriously, designers…the no lining look is NEVER going to fly. OK, maybe Miley Cyrus or someone similarly classy, but just stop already. The shoes? WOOF. It’s like they were designed to look overly wide and dorkish on the models’ feet. I don’t know, maybe there was a big sale…

    That chiffon print is pretty in the right hands…but the rest? MEH.


  5. I LOVE the skirts in #3 and #4, and I think I might even have a pattern to make them…I’m beginning to think I might have a pattern hoarding problem…

    That poor woman in #2, her chesticles are crying for some support! 😦 Tragic. It’s not like wearing a bra would ruin the lines or anything. 🙄


  6. If only I were as boobless as these lovely models, then I could wear a bodice tray too! I’m really enamored with the belt that goes with the wonky bodice darts. I’m pretty sure it was purposely used as a distraction ^__^


  7. Janette says:

    Hi, first timer here….. 😀

    I think the shoes are actually Men’s shoes, look at the width of them. Speaking as a wearer of UK size 9, no thankyou! My feet look quite big enough all on their own.


  8. Oh good grief! Your asking for Mrs Mole’s opinion on bust darts!!!! Be prepared for an onslaught. ….
    Last photo, it’s just that her head is on the wrong way.
    Great review, thank you


  9. I had a friend in high school that was from Ukraine, and she said it wasn’t at all unusual to see someone walking down the street in Kiev wearing a sheer blouse like that with no bra under it…and no one batted an eye! So coming from that background she thought America’s obsession with naked breasts was very odd.


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