Wearable Wednesday Hermes

I believe the cohesive theme to this collection is ‘things I have seen Jeremy Irons wear’


See!!! I told you!


This fabric- yes please.


The prototype was made of legos.


I can definitely do without the hip turban, but I love the jacket.


I’m sorry, I can’t walk 5 feet with a towel on- how is she keeping her boyfriends henley from falling off??


How is Grandpa supposed to fight off pneumonia if you keep stealing his happenin’ cardigans??


After the show, the caterers took this dress with them by mistake.


Photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

37 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Hermes

  1. Texture and ankle ties and do-rags around the hips…genius? That last white dress looks like it has owls carved into the fabric.Grandpa’s cardigan and the Lego coat…ah no.
    The white tunic could double as a straight-jacket with some attached ties and straps and buckles. The first navy scarf looks like a sling? Love the African fabric in that baggy sack dress!


  2. It mostly looks like “The Boyfriend Collection” but I sort of like the Lego coat. (she says, sheepishly, once again proving her lack of fashion sense)

    Oh and that last dress? Appropriate for this month. Those look like skulls to me.


  3. That coat does look like a Lego coat. The texture reminds me of Pacific Northwest Native American cedar-bark clothing. Their baskets were water-tight, that’s how fine their weave was, and they made clothing out of a similarly fine weave. The paint colors they used are the colors they were able to make from local natural resources: always black, white, red, and turquoise. That’s why I’m reminded of the Lego coat.


  4. Mary says:

    That last dress reminds me of some lovely re-fashions done from old tablecloths. A friend had a top made of cloth with french cutwork lace. Also, at one point Burda magazine had a little girls all white skirt (or dress) made of an old tablecloth. They were both beautiful pieces.


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