Wearable Wednesday Babyghost

This is a test. Of your ability to focus on the clothing. Ready? Don’t be distracted by her ankle wounds that look like someone let a rabid woodchuck feast on her. Don’t . She got them crawling into the photographers window last night trying to get back her e cigarette.


Don’t be distracted by her obvious rage at the photographer who said he’s call, but obviously he prefers that slut from Red Valentino that she saw him with last night at Butter.


Don’t wonder if her right leg has been oddly photoshopped- she asked as a last favor for them to remove the tattoo she got of the photographer back when things were good.


Don’t be distracted that he paused the photoshoot while another model brought him a falafel. Right in front of her. Like that wasn’t their special food truck.


….once upon a time I was falling in love- now I’m only falling apart…..you bastard!


Oh, my God- did he really just tell her that? He said I was like a young Elle Fanning…..


Smile? With my eyes? The eyes that just saw you give her a grape! One of MY grapes!


Oh, you think you’re getting these shoes back? Over my dead body. Raoul.


photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

29 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Babyghost

  1. The clothes are so wearable and the fabrics lovely and drapey….but the model and her drama with the camera guy, Raoul…well her face and posture says it all. I worry that she has never been tested for scoliosis or hip displacement.Nice touch wearing the rosary beads with the lacy kimono coat, that could be applied to any pattern…the lace bits not the rosary. This collection could be called Catholic School Girl trying to be bad…ask me how I know.


  2. You know we all did that just to get the boys’ attention. Sister warned up about something called a “bad reputation” but did we listen? It’s like designers want us to be shocked with clunky shoes,,,what is up with that?


  3. Marsha says:

    I’ve got way too much side boob to wear that first one without a top. Love the bath robe in the third one, but the shower shoes would have to go.


  4. At first glance, I thought all the outfits were awful, but the model’s face was distracting. Blocking her face out didn’t make a difference, except I like the last outfit – the black shirt is pretty. Once again the stylist exacts his/her revenge…


  5. LOL! Who can look at the clothes. (okay, concentrate…)

    I like the last one and the lace dress that needs a longer slip underneath. The rest…. SO not my style.


  6. First, I’m going to be randomly guffawing at Mrs. Mole’s comments all day. Second, I cannot get over the sensible shoes. What is with that?! Third, I just love how all the fabrics work together. So pretty and different and yet they so work! I love that falling out of love dress. The lace is gorgeous.

    Tell us, Anne, where did you get your talent at commentary? I love WW!


  7. LOL at the ‘Birkenblocks’…that is a PERFECT name for them. I was so distracted by those…they’d make ANY outfit look bad!

    That said…some of the pieces look interesting, although not really my style, but good grief…who can focus on the clothes amid so much distraction?! Shoot the make up guy, shoot the stylist, download photoshop (hey, there are FREE programs out there…the bug attack doesn’t have to show!).

    I’m hearing Nina Garcia’s voice from Project Runway: “Everything’s just so SAD”…! Totally agree, Nina.


  8. As always, your commentary is hilarious, and impeccable – I was pretty shocked for reals though, that they didn’t bother slapping some concealer on her ankle – weird right? Or at least photoshop it! I like how most of these pieces actually have some shape – I’d put the black lace dress with the black biker jacket so i could re-live the ’90’s! ^__^


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