Busy, Busy…bored. Vogue 1210


Well, we made it thru the belly of the annual beast. You know, the annual torment of Halloween at your local sewing store. The period where you can only post on Pattern Review if you are making an Elsa costume. The season where a 5 minute trip to buy 1 freakin’ invisible zipper turns into a 45 minute ordeal as you navigate past wild-eyed non-sewers whose child will DIE of the screaming fits if they don’t get to be Pignite and by God it better look just like they see it on tv!!!! I’m not against Halloween-I swear. I just don’t indulge in it myself- I mean really, do I dress like I need a night without tasteful restraint and borders? Anyhoo…..



I’ve been hunkered down in the sewists Bordello trying to fill in gaps in my work wardrobe. How does the clothing from last season disappear when you put it in its totes? Do the skirts gang up on the tops and demand a sacrifice or did I just not match much last year? I sense foul play among the woolens. So now I have a suit, 2 dresses, a skirt and a top all done. Blog much? nopes. As usual my fickle flighty self is now bored with anything I’ve already worn. Well, tough toenails- I must continue my sainted work of showing the webs what a chubby gal can do with the wrong pattern and fabric choices. But I am weary- I am stressed. So I head to the woods for a quiet interlude with the forest primeval. To truly enjoy nature and it’s inhabitants, one must be unobserved and subtle. So I donned a simple floral to charm the local geese. Vogue 1210. An OOP that I first admired on the Thornberry.


I know how much joy I bring to the geese. They love me and I am their queen. See how they gather about me like…….geese.


As a special treat I  croon some Stevie Nicks to them, since the dress is so perfect for it. Really, am I not channeling the Nicks? I swear a goose that looks suspiciously like Tom Petty just tried to hump my boot.


Alright, lets see- did I make this pattern my own? Just a little. I couldn’t help finding the bodice a little plain. Seriously tho- do some alterations- if I weren’t deploying the modesty tank top, you’d see my appendix in this. I added some little silver details- cuz I’m gaudy and I know it. Extreme bustal closeup- hide the children!





Well, I’ve nurtured the geese and showed the locals how to dress for a picnic, now it’s time to return to my home and once more don the mantle of urban sophisticate that I am. If you can find a copy of this pattern, it’s a quick whip up and very forgiving me thinks. Pattern Review has some lovely versions including Ms Thornberry with contrast fabric. Go see!





photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, pinterest, google images, Fanpop. All images remain the property of their original owners.

67 thoughts on “Busy, Busy…bored. Vogue 1210

  1. Your writing cracks me up – you are one funny lady! The dress is lovely. Good thinking on the modesty panel/singlet front, being drafted that low I think it would even find cleavage on me…. ! Rachel


  2. Love it! I think the modesty top is the perfect colour with it. I’ve got one a bit like this (might even be the same pattern – does it have a lady in zebra print on the front?) that I ended up sewing my only strapless bra into for modesty purposes. I figured the bra would stop the skirt dragging the neckline down even further…it seems to work but it’s fun getting into it now.


  3. sewbussted says:

    Yep, just add a shawl and you are all out Stevie. The only thing, she couldn’t rock a short do like you 😉
    I love this dress on you and the flower pin detail is just so spot on.


  4. Tyraenna says:

    I love everything about this – the dress style, the fabric choice, and your excellent decision to dress up the v-neck line with something pretty 🙂


  5. Oh, how lovely!

    I wish I could get bored with a few things. My closet is seriously overstuffed but I have a sentimental attachment to every garment I make. They are my babies. I can’t give away my babies. (Well… occasionally I force myself, to make room for the new babies but it’s SO hard.)


  6. You gave me the giggles as always! 🙂

    Your outfit is beautiful! The fabric is stunning and the little buttons or whatever are the front are the perfect accent. Beautiful work!


  7. This dress has unleashed your inner geese goddess and they are darn lucky you decided to grace them with your presence on such a lovely Fall day. They rewarded you with the only thing they could…passing poop along your way…some throw rose petals, geese poop. The added embellishments just add to the personality and the cami under it to preserve your modesty is perfect! Only you could carry off this magnificent swirl of color and style!


  8. Okay, so this post was just so witty and funny! I saw the dress on Pattern Review website and boy, am I happy I looked at your blog. Not only is the dress lovely but I smiled all through the post! Great job!


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