Wearable Wednesday Alessandra Rich

Good evening and welcome to another installment of ‘Spending Grannies Money’ the reality show starring people who know that they are better than you.

‘Damn it Honoria, I know you let your $1400 cat into my climate-controlled lace closet again!’


“whatever Enid- I was too busy having my stylist find this one of a kind belt- oh, Balzac!’


‘What belt, Honoria? Do you mean this old thing I found under the gardener?’


‘Diego!!! …..Enid you trollope! Well, at least you only copied the styling- I spent weeks having Carmen hand-bead this dress with stones crushed up from a gothic cathedral’


‘Hmm…I thought that rag looked a little dowdy- so I have Carmen rip off the cheesy sleeves.You don’t need them when you spend $1800 an hour having your own Swedish trainer gently excersize the tone into them while you sleep’


‘Now if you’ll excuse me Honoria, I’m off to systematically boff my way to Prince Harry.’


‘Not so fast, Enid, Honoria- I need to discuss my will! Also the possibility of my leaving it all to my pool boy, Javier- who likes me braless. ‘


Tune in again for another stirring episode where Enid buys a small island, Honoria kills a condor to have a one of a kind clutch bag made and Granny slips into something comfortable ……



photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

50 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alessandra Rich

  1. Oh, these are pretty! (The first one probably looked better before it was ripped up.) I need more lace and beadwork in my life. Where I will wear them I have no idea.


  2. These dresses are beautiful! Minus the weird details (seriously, those belts?) and granny’s silk robe. That’s a robe, right? Not a dress?

    Looooove the storyline! Much better than soap operas — equally gripping, but less sordid.


  3. Excellent narrative. I actually like the lace dress (though I don’t think I would have shredded it). I like the sleeves and the shape (maybe not the turtleneck-itchy!). And while I applaud the use of an older model, it is unfortunate that that braless cleavage leaves me picturing just how droopy she would look naked. Not flattering.


  4. The clothes are secondary to the gripping story line…keep them coming! While most of the dresses would look good on a way older titled woman it was strange to put granny in the most revealing of all at the end…no way to tuck those bunnies up with that deep of a V! Nice to see real shoes for a change instead of men’s loafers and runner deck shoes.


  5. Hahaha awesome…. it’s like they are just baiting you now… Fashion Dynasty! LOL I really like that they used the older woman at the end, and she would look great – WITH a bra. I know we all hate them, but let’s face it… we NEED em LOL.


  6. Hahaha! Your stories are seriously the best!!! Minus the shredded lace, the first one is a dead ringer for my mother’s (handmade) wedding dress from the 80’s! 🙂 Some of these have serious potential, the fabrics are gorgeous, and even some of the “bones” are good, overall not too bad. 🙂


  7. Hmmmm…some of these had real possibility 🙂 The lace is beautiful, and some of the dresses (minus that disastrous belt and that gratuitous lace bottom!) are really quite pretty.

    Unfortunately, all I could think about after the first dress was the FLOOR! Did you SEE how shiny that was?! Amazing. And I also want all the wood pieces and a few of the flower arrangements!

    Clothes? Were there clothes? Gee…don’t remember…!


  8. Shar says:

    I love lots of things about these dresses, but the story line was the thing that really had me going! First I read the story and then went back to look at the clothes. I can’t wait for another episode!


  9. Now you’ve got me pining away for the good ol’ Dynasty, Dallas, Knots Landing days. I love a good soap. Are there any good primetime soaps these days? And by good, I mean really awful, cheesy, ridiculous? I had to go see how much dresses from this designer are going for- $3000-$5000 each! So, that $1400 cat is peanuts.


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