Wearable Wednesday 6397

‘Hey- I know you’re getting ready for the show, but you need to get down here.’

‘Why? Whats wrong- Scooter you sound frantic!’

‘It’s the Models sir. They refuse to put on the clothes. They’re just milling around unstyled and smelling of unfiltered cigarettes. I can’t make them get dressed!?’


‘Wait- what?’


‘Yeah, I know, it’s crazy! They just keep staring at me and refusing to change.’


‘That’s ridiculous! They have contracts! I gave them diet coke!’

‘Its true! They look terrible! Like they just rolled out of bed and painted their garage or cleaned a million toilets! Just saggy grimey looking jeans and ratty slip ons!?’




‘Um, well….they all do look comfortable…’

‘Get out, Scooter. You’ll never wrangle models in this town again.’


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.


40 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday 6397

  1. tinarathbone says:

    So LOTFROTFLAMYAOOTF! (Even I don’t know what it says, but your post was so funny. Tell me that this is an actual couture collection?


  2. Nice to know we will all be wearing men’s deck shoes and rolled up jeans for Spring…and that last little number…car mechanic uniform…OO LA LA…what accessories will go with it…an oily rag in the back pocket?


  3. So true. I spend hours and hours hand making all these Chanel-style jackets, couture skirts and tailored jackets and what do I really wear off-duty? – jeans and an oversized shirt!
    Sewbusylizzy and me share the same weekend robe! Who knew we were already designer muses?
    You’re priceless, BTW.


  4. So this is where my clothes went! My closet has been seemingly getting emptier and emptier, and I couldn’t figure out where my clothes were going–I had suspected gnomes, but apparently it’s Scooter! Thief! 😡



  5. Angela says:

    LOL, if something resembling a few of those items came off my sewing machine it would be in the wadder pile, with me sobbing at my incompetence!


  6. So how much for this ‘thrift store’ chic? Looks like this designer raided the back room of the local’s union and stole all the worker’s spare work clothes!

    I mean, seriously…would any of you pay over $5 for any of these pieces??? Sigh. Another “designer” funded by someone looking for a tax write off…


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