Simplicity 1277 Wadder, Wadder Everywhere…..

The Amazing Fit collection is some of my favorite Big4 pattern collections. I think all the fitting help is supposed to prevent muslining and wadders. I have now defied that concept. Whining ahead.


I bought this rusty adorable woven flannel at Mary Jo’s and matched it with this rayon from the store that shall not be named (Yes, hancock, I mean you- still making me sad. You only get lower case letters) and this pattern just said, ‘HELLO! MEET YOUR LATEST VICTIM!’ and we were off to the races.

I really like this pattern, the shape, the pockets- oh, here is my life lesson. If you want to make a contrast side panel in a flannel …….panel flannel panel flannel flannel panel flannel flannel spaniel in sandals playing madrills. Whoa. Sorry. That was just really too tempting. Back to my point.


I made the contrast panel in flannel, also the pocket facing. I wore tights. The static this area was creating- oy- I could have powered a small village with it. Also, it made me have to futz with it a good bit. Needless to say, I could not store any m&m’s in the pockets- they were way too warm. But, I was able to make a grilled cheese sandwich while walking back and forth to the Anesthesia Office a few times. A Fashion Win!  But, this one was not a fit win. I feel very constricted thru the sleeves. Is this an armscye thing? Are they too far forward? The sleeves seem to be trying very hard to grab the bodice. Thoughts, people? I’d love to cal this a muslin and make another with my excess fabric.


This is another dress that due to my pear-shapedness, I can skip the zipper on. Good thing too. That hancock fabric store near me has the puniest collection of zipper colors available. They truly are not prepared for my needs. If they sell fabric in this color, maybe they’d like to consider adding a few tones to that color chart, eh? What if my Elsa costume is not ice blue???? What if my magenta fleece John Deere no sew blanket needs a snack pocket? Come on hancock- be a pal. Upgrade that selection. There is life beyond 9” Saddle Tan!!!!


Ok, less ranting, more pattern review details. I made my standard fit alterations- I lowered the back neck line, tapered in the front upper bodice at the neckline. Huh. I think these are the standard alterations for a hunch-backed crone. Well, that’s nice. I always wanted to buy a bell tower and yell at the neighbor kids.

hunch back

Now, I totally missed this when I bought the fabric- I could have had a weird pattern placement tragedy. I saw sort of a roman south western hodge podge pattern- I never noticed it had an odd pitch fork motif. The last thing this chassy needs is the ‘oh, wearing your favorite thing, huh? A fork- I get it- you like to eat!’ Um, yeah, thanks for noticing…you suck and I curse your firstborn. Thornberry, I’m feeling your pain. Ok, find the forks!!!


Anyhoo. I’m still sort of trying to find the skirt shape that suits me best. I think hobble, but that can be inconvenient getting in and out of smaller cars but perfect training for my future in sack races. The skirt of this pattern just seems to be a little too triangular for me- I’m not sure I’m an A-line girl. Any thoughts are of course welcome- especially if they involve a 4 point train and attendants. I’m sad about this make- an illusion contrast side panel should remove my swaddled dumpling look and give me some middle definition, right?  By the way, it was monsooning during these pics and I was freezing and of course shivering like a fool. Bless Mr B for getting these pics- he did the best he could with the typhoon situation and crap lighting- my trooper!


Hey, while we are talking, I’m thinking  about Jungle January III- the Beast that would not Die ! Can I squeeze out another season of tolerance for the Fleecy Folk? I’m wondering if a little pre-season or mid-month Sabertooth Swap would be interesting? Anybody feel like receiving spotted gifts by post?

94 thoughts on “Simplicity 1277 Wadder, Wadder Everywhere…..

  1. Ooh, I hate the static cling beast! I have a few skirts that at the mere suggestion of too close for comfort, I will never wear again. The dress does look good on you but I do see when you bend your arms that the sleeve shoulders pull up. Maybe sleeves start too close too bodice, ie, you need more fabric before sleeves are added? Not really sure. And you KNOW I’m all in for Jungle January 3!!


  2. ParisGrrl says:

    A couple of ideas: switch the contrast fabric to a dark fabric, maybe a tad more ease through the bust, switch from the A-line to a straighter skirt [why do they keep telling us pears that A-lines are the best?], lower the armseye, and change the motif placement so the largest part of the pattern isn’t going right across the abdomen. This dress is close to working for you, and the fabric is gorgeous. I hope you give it another go!


  3. I think this dress looks great on you and I love the pattern, but I’m sorry it doesn’t feel great.

    The photos with the skirt in an “A” shape, like the last one, look flattering on you, so maybe it needs to be a stiffer fabric for it to work?


  4. gilliancrafts says:

    I think the skirt shape looks good – and I like the whole dress on you! And yes please to Jungle January… I just assume it’s on and stockpile fabric all year!


  5. I love your dress. The colour is fab on you and it shows off your lovely waist. Shame about the arm restrictions… can’t offer advice as not sure what would cause it.

    As for JJ – I am salivating at the thought of seeing more strutting of the wild animals – bring on adventure. Sabertooth Swap would be fun.


  6. I’m with pennylibraian…toss in a gusset and let the whole armsyce drop a little and the cap of the sleeve will drop and maybe allow you more range of motion. Otherwise despite being slightly uncomfortable a warming drawer/pocket is a dandy idea. It is darling and anyone can wear A-line especially if you walk up stairs or drive a car. There are anti-static sprays that I use on bridesmaids poly-poly dresses so they don’t attract every dog hair before the wedding…spray some on the back side of the skirt or wear a slip made from Ambiance…rayon and less magnetic! Could also be creating static from nylon tights too…some folks swear by a safety pin pinned to a seam allowance inside…sort of like a static chain on shopping carts at Costco.

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      • What about taking one sleeve off and make a muslin sleeve with wide seam allowances and some top gathers…then attach it and see it is works any better. The sleeve could be wider just below the cap and into the bicep. If you don’t have leftover fabric, you could cut the original sleeve shorter and use that piece to add to the underarm dimensions. No one would ever know what was original or not. If you have a prefect muslin sleeve, then I would make the pattern again using different fabrics…less flannel. You could also line the whole dress with Ambiance for less static and it would not cling to the bits you don’t like. Send me a photo!!! Let’s work together, Anne!


  7. I actually think the a-line skirt really suits you well. You must’ve taken photos today. We came to a-town to visit family. It was miserable today. I bought this pattern at the last sale and was eyeing it the other day. I know you say it’s a wadder but I think it’s definitely worth revisiting! The shape is really nice. I often have sleeve issues like you describe. I end up slashing and spreading the upper sleeve pieces for more width- not sure if that’s a proper fix or not. Also, I think the ability to make a grilled cheese sandwich could be a great selling point for dresses.


  8. Ok now I’ve stopped laughing… and you’ve provided a renewal resource re electricity for a thousand villagers…
    I often flick back through my blog pics (another good reason to take photos) and reflect on what did & didn’t work in hindsight. I also consider my most beloved & treasured RTW pieces and think about why they work. Also the items of clothing that generate the most positive comments… Clearly I don’t always listen to my advice as at this stage of my blog I really should have made myself a maxi skirt… sorry far too much sensible – but it is Monday here… the working week has bitten me. Hard.


  9. I have no solutions for the armscycle or grill cheese situations…however, I was really interested to read your review of this dress since I wondered how it would actually sew up – particularly those curves at the side seams. Flannel is always tricky. If you think this fits you well you should definitely make it again in two more compatible fabrics. Will be interested to read about the rest of your sewing journey with this pattern.


  10. LOL at the ‘power a small village’…totally know what you mean and hate, hate, hate static! Winter and low humidity are killers for that 😦 Mrs Mole’s suggestions are great – give those a go 🙂

    I actually really like this dress on you. I’d have probably used different fabric for the contrast, but I don’t have your fun sense of pattern mixing. The style looks really good on you, and is very flattering, too. Also, those colors are dynamite on you!

    No sewing tips to add, but you’ve had some expert advice there! Hope you can make this work. Keep us posted!


  11. I must need new glasses/brain because I can’t find the forks! Boo. Fitting advice eludes me, beyond wondering if there is enough ease in the bust and bicep areas? Hard to tell from photos. As for a-lines, no stylist has ever convinced me about them – the physics of it doesn’t make sense to me, because skimming over one’s widest point and then continuing on at an angle to the hem has *got* to make one look wider than one really is. All that said, this pattern truly has potential for you. The first thing I noticed was your small, well-defined waist and the fabric really flatters you. Maybe some extra ease somewhere up top and a tapered a-line will put this into top shelf territory. Good luck with v.2! Rachel ☺


  12. minnie me says:

    did I hear you mention Jungle January? Im already there! My first ever animal print garment finished yesterday ready to show you. Bring it on and a swapsie too! Swoon!


  13. Everything I was about to mention to save this dress has been mentioned by Paris Grrl already. I like the main fabric (can’t find any forks!) but the side panel-flannel doesn’t really work (sorry!)
    Junge January III? Count me in! Some brown cheetah print somehow found its way into my stash the last time I went fabric shopping :))


  14. I actually really like this style on you and the colors are PERFECT for your coloring. I agree that the rayon is kind of making the A-line shape collapse and cling a little, but in the photos where you can see the A-line shape (like the first one here) you really look nice. I also think that the pattern placement is fighting the shape a wee bit- the strong, dark motif feels like it wants to be at your waist line instead of a few inches below it. But these definitely aren’t dealbreakers and in my opinion, the pattern has lots of potential for you!


  15. Kelsey R. says:

    I agree with a few of the suggestions. The arm scythe appears to be too low (I ALWAYS have this problem with big 4 patterns…does the whole dress bodice want to rise when you lift your arm? –>Arm scythe too low)…what I do to fix that is add a half gusset….you could also add a full gusset….I’m just too lazy for that 🙂


  16. Hiya, did you use the larger bust size pattern pieces? If so, my observation is that the arm scye is totally WTF on them. Sooo deep, so far forward. I’d be inclined to lay the smaller cup piece over it and use that armscye as a starting point. And if you make your sleeves bigger, you can always pin the, in, though bringing the armscye in from the outer Hebrides will help a lot too. Otherwise this colour combo is glorious on you! I suspect the skirt shape would work for your eye if it were wider so it draped in more, in that crazy way things go with fabric!


  17. Hi there! Without being there in person…the armscye looks too small and high at the underarm. Width of sleeve at bicep too narrow. Shoulder seam might go out just a little bit for ease of movement. Is the back broad enough? can’t see that part of the armscye curve. Also, if you turn the armhole seam towards the shoulder it will puff less than if you turn it towards the sleeve. Your cap is puffy compared to the area just below it, like your arm is pushing it up – I like the idea above of slash and widen at the cap and down into the arm to address stuff I noted, for as deep as needed.

    I like you in a slight A-line, the contrast panel really flatters your waistline.

    oooo – I remember static! not much of a problem down here! And as for wadders…my sewing room is full of them the past 4 to 6 months 🙂


  18. Lynn Cook says:

    I think the dress looks great! But, I agree with another comment. I think the sides would be better in a darker color. Not only would it pop in the detail, but I think it would possibly be more slimming.


  19. No no no! Don’t wad it — it looks terrific on you! Slimming and elegant. Can’t wait to see the next one from this pattern (I agree, try going darker with the side panels). Also, I think you were very clever to pretend you see pitchforks so that the rest of us will think our powers of observation are inferior. Again, you have demonstrated your diabolical superiority!


  20. Colour choice – tick. Style – tick. Print placement – not noticeable and love it – tick. Grilled cheese sandwich – tick. I look forward to your reviews. You’ve made me laugh after a usually hectic week.


  21. I really like this shape and colour on you, but I can understand why the static and tight arms would annoy you. Hope one of the many suggestions here helps out!

    It’s interesting to note how controversial the a-line is! It just goes to show how subjective aesthetics are! I go out of my way to not use “makes me look slimmer” as a criterion, cos as they say, “effyourbeautystandards” so I just go by what appeals to my eye, knowing full well that that might not appeal to everyone, and seeing these contradictory comments is just evidence that you can’t please everyone so you may as well just please yourself.


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