Wearable Wednesday Thom Browne

‘Kids, your Uncle Marvin has been so lonely for a long time. He’s bringing a girl to Thanksgiving and I want you all to make a special effort to be nice to her and her friends.’

‘Mom, she’s here- and Grannie Fran just accused her of trying to steal the good placemats- I think you need to come out here’


‘Honestly Becky! I can’t leave the gravy right now! Go fill up the nut cups- what now???’

‘Ma- she’s not wearing a top- well, not on both sides-‘


but one of them is wearing a lamp shade and maybe some tiny chickens-‘


Stop being a brat- go show them my Elvis collectable plates and my spoons from all 50 states!’


‘Whats Pogo so upset about? Whats all that barking? Go see!’

‘Mom- Pogo thinks her Coat Is alive- he’s cowering under the table now’


‘Don’t keep running in here! Its rude! Go offer her an iced tea….and see if she brought the centerpiece for the table’

‘But Mom- I think she’s wearing it…’


‘Mom- Uncle Marvin is taking the brandy and leaving without her…..’


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

37 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Thom Browne

  1. Ahh family get-togethers! I really like the patchwork tweed skirt and fitted dress but that’s about it! The rest were costumes for children’s party entertainers – maybe that was the theme? The couture clown.


  2. LOL. This collection is hilarious! There are some pieces in there that I would wear without all the ridiculousness: The fitted dress on the model carrying the yellow flowers, maybe the coat and the jacket in the first picture. I don’t think I would wear them both at the same time though.


  3. Combine Rasta and Chanel? Brilliant! This is taking whimsy to a whole new level! The fabrics are all quality but used in the wrong way except for the plastic which is finally used in the right way as a raincoat. Bizarre but fun and I say Uncle Marvin is in for a bumpy ride!


  4. Well, it’s colourful – I’ll give it that. I have to say, the attached-butterfly-ensemble (feathers, right?) is so ridiculously far-fetched that it would be worth wearing just for the extreme fun of it. Couture clowns, indeed. But I do like that tweed fit-and-flared dress. Reminds me of an OOP Claire Schaeffer pattern – Vogue 7966


  5. Piper Springs says:

    I adore a good dose of whimsy in fashion, but the pants on the first model have some serious fit issues in the crotch, and that will not do.


  6. My personal favorite is the last one, perfect for the woman with 4 arms! I mean, I’ve always wanted an extra set of hands, but I’m not coordinated enough to use them, so I suppose it’s good I don’t have them, but this jacket is just perfect for whatever woman happens to have those extra appendages, so kudos to this designer for being so accommodating. 😉


  7. Words really do fail me on this one. I would be interested to know what substances the designer was imbibing and who he thinks might actually purchase these garments, apart from Edina Monsoon that is!


  8. Susan C says:

    If you rake all the crap off the surface, it’s all classic shapes and patterns. I guess they thought no one would want to wear it unless it came with black daisy glasses. I love the fitted dress!

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