Wearable Wednesday Carolina Herrera

Last week was so painful for my gaudy soul- I declare a palate cleanser week- who better to get us back to stylish cooing that The Herrera? Coo with me:


I can’t figure out if the print is layered or just has that effect- this collection was a nifty mosaic thing going on-


This skirt- don’t you just see things and think how fun would that be to sew?


Coat Envy- I just know it’s strokable!


Purr……purrr…..someone perfected that layering business!


A box of candy canes to anyone who tracks down this fabric for me!!!


Did you think I could make it all the way to the end without one snark? I did try- but look at this bodice? How could I not? It’s a strangely fitted test pattern! Phew. I feel better now.


Oh, one more thing- feast your eyes on our 2015 Jungle January badge! Glorious, emiright??


<div align=”center”><a title=”Jungle January 3″ href=”https://prttynpnk.com/2014/12/31/wearable-wednesday-carolina-herrera/ “><img style=”border: none;” src=”https://prttynpnk.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/jj2015.jpg?w=610” alt=”Jungle January 3″ width=”200″ height=”200″ /></a></div>
&lt;div align=”center”&gt;&lt;a title=”Jungle January 3″ href=”https://prttynpnk.com/2014/12/31/wearable-wednesday-carolina-herrera/  “&gt;&lt;img style=”border: none;” src=”https://prttynpnk.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/jj2015.jpg?w=610” alt=”Jungle January 3″ width=”200″ height=”200″ /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/div&gt;

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Yeah, it’s a year end review- skip it if you want!



Yup, it’s a year end post. I know,  50% of you hate it and 50% of you think it’s a fishing for compliments experience. We shall see.

Blog truths: Often the makes I love the most and wear most are not  the stuff that gets the most blog endorsement. I don’t even blog some of my staples- cuz who wants to read about another top with 3/4 sleeves.  Often we post things that we want to love, we try to love, but we just know are wrong. What makes us do it? For me, it’s pushing the dream- I wanted my time to have been worthwhile, but sometimes it isn’t. Then I dream on and try to make the poses flattering enough to hide that parts I know didn’t work. I’m still making some clothes that don’t work for my body or my lifestyle. So for me, year end posts are about ripping off my personal sewing bandaids and planning for the next year based on what works for me and what I like to wear.

Ready for whiplash? Here’s the worst make of 2014:


Whew! Do I wear it? Yes. Do I think it’s the best use of fabric and pattern….no. Every body flaw gets it’s own focus in this one. I swear, I can see my belly button. I come home with bruised ribs and a woozy headache from sucking in all day.  Oh, mercy. Resolution: more attention to waist/hip detail and fabric choice!

This is so much better- still boxy, but the structure and fabric weight keep everything in there looking better! So a good combo of fun to sew, wearable and spiffy!

blue calhoun5

Back to the bad: Ok, I’m not petite, I’m not short waisted- I’m fat-waisted. I have minimal room at the waist for too much going on- this pattern is for the willowy and I made it anyway. Because….I don’t learn? Because it looked cute on the envelope. What a sucker! Spoken like the person who bought a ’99 VW bug! Also, those damn ties got stuck in doors, in the dog, under my desk chair wheels….do I wear it? No. I made a darling little unblogged top out the the excess and sent this one away!!!


Ok, so did I learn anything? Yes!  Simplicity 1431- curve friendly, waist defining- sleek, but swirly. Hmm….you deserve a remake!


Inching toward fit with a curvy retro vibe, but not hitting the mark- I throw on a cardigan with this at work- which takes all the cute away, and all you get is HUGE skirt being manoeuvred all  day. The sleek side panels of the Simplicity dress have a softer angle outward and give me the look I’m wanting with less ‘are you going square dancing in that?’ feels. It also suffers from ‘if it looks strange on the envelope, why would you think it won’t on you?’  syndrome.  I give it a 5- even the French judges didn’t like it.


Ok, we’re almost done. Here’s a favorite of my year that I think straddles the fit, fun and wearable best for me.  Mccalls 6739. God I love a sleevelet.  I bought this same upholstery print in another color family and it will see a summer make. I wish I had that latte right now…..


Ok, now here’s the 4 that made the people at Goodwill shiver with horror when  they opened the box:

PicMonkey Collage

Only Bruders gorgeous presence makes the collage palatable! So children, my lesson was: keep at it, but remember the shape I have and stop believing the envelope! Sometimes a bad ideas cannot be unbadded.


photo credits: meadhawg, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Do I hear a growl?


If we could swap all the animals,
Just imagine it,
Sewing up a chimp in chimpanzee
Imagine lining with a tiger,
Smocking with a cheetah
What a stylish people we would be!
If we sew with the animals,
Learn their fiber counts,
Maybe wear some antelope to tea,
We’d sashay in elephant and eagle,
Buffalo and beagle,
Alligator, guinea pig and flea!
We would catwalk in polar bear
And python
And we would cuddle up in fluorescent kangaroo
If people asked us,
Is your hoodie rhinoceros?
We’d say, “of courseros!
Jealous you?”
Sorry Dr. Doolittle, I just couldn’t resist!
Ok, Cats and Kittens! It’s time for the 1st (of hopefully many) Saber-toothed Swap! We’ve shared our love for the kittehs and the slithery snakes and the zazzy zebras, now let’s bring the jungle joy full circle with an international show of textile love!
On Sunday January 11, 2015, Penny, the Library cat and I will select partners for all the species who want to play and I hope that in early February, you will all open your mail and say ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!’
Because Leopard love is not a one month thing- Cheetah is forever! So help out your fellow stripey stitchers with a care package of PUUURRRRRFECT style!
Hey, even the jungle has rules, right?
-Any fabric from store or stash- let’s keep it under $20 if possible.
-If you wish to only ship in your own game preserve/country, let me know in the comments
-Leave an email address in your comments – I’m new to the Swapping Game, so please be gentle! You have until 01/09/15 to join the safari. My helpers and I will get your partners to you on 01/11/15!
Please let’s get everyone’s packages to them by mid- February and please post your pretty parcels for all to see!
Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to punch some air holes in those boxes, we don’t want any animal prints passing out in shipment!
So please, join us in our fun and frolic!

Simplicity 1543- gets foolishly Exotic

Now, just keep playing that in the background while you read- it will really enhance my stuff! I scooped up Simplicity 1543 during one of those $.99 sales where you are limited to 10 and its more of a challenge that you really need- you go from 3 you know you will really enjoy sewing to ‘well, I may need a toaster cover pattern shaped like Yoda, yeah, ok…..’ Well, that was a bad example, cuz if they sold that, oh hell, I’d make it.


I really enjoyed how the envelope tried to cool it up for us with this ‘perfect for at home, running errands & travel‘. Dang! Why don’t you just say, braless shut ins watching the View will totally rock this look! Well, since I do aspire to a lifestyle of never sucking my stomache in, I went for it. But then I cooled on it, because I got the notion that it was for knits and ugh- pocket placement……so while I was doing a little rearrangement of the bins and sending some undesirables away (I’m looking at you, most of my Suede Says purchases) and what happens? GAUDY EPIPHANY!!! Yes, the paisley and cheetah clad baby angels descended on bungies (like they do when I’ve had caffeine and cookies for breakfast…so often) and pointed to the fabric I got on a whim- wait, that isn’t really making it stand out- all my fabric purchases are whimmy…..ok, THIS whim purchase. A huge silk-ish panel with a familiarish face on it. Yes, I believe it’s Shanghai Lil!!!


Well, Here she is in all her glory! Now, 2 things changed with my version. Tastefulness The pockets and the side vent hem. Lil would have lost much of her garishness due to pocket placement. I considered matching the print (which would have taken too much of the fabric for a summer top out of this glorious beasty) but the top stitching still would have detracted from it for me. So what to do! I did an inseam pocket – since I always need a place for my phone and a steamed dumpling or two.


I am now a serious fan of this pattern and these sleeves! I used a braided cording to add a little pop of the turquoise and I’m quite pleased. Now a warning for the dainty: it runs big. BIG. BIG. I did mine XL and it isn’t fall off the shoulders huge, but it could definitely use some tapering on the sides.


Dear Simplicity: no more drawings! Show us a real body on the envelopes. Or was the model too busy being perfect at home, running errands and traveling? I mean really, we all love pastel drawings of a young Kate Beckinsale, but stop being so artilly deceptive. Mkay, Thanksandbye.

shanghai 6

photo credits: pattern review, youtube, meadhawg, Pre-Code.com . All images remain the property of their original owners.


Wearable Wednesday Elie Saab

The holidays can be super busy for a girl like I. Luckilly Elie Saab knows my lifestyle and designs as tho I am his muse.

Last week I helped out at a homeless shelter- I know how much joy my presence brings to the less fortunate. I wore this and no, I did not let them touch my puff-balls.


I popped over to the Vatican,  Francis squealed with pleasure at my visit and his plate of pickle rollups.


On tuesday I helped bathe and groom dogs at the shelter.  So a long skirt would have been impractical, of course.


Wednesday was an at home day- I mostly knitted beanies for preemies and did some yard work. So, super casual.


Thursday, I took a group of little urchins to the mall- I showed them how to spot a knock off Prada, then we had corn dogs. So inspiring to serve others! Again, they couldn’t touch my puff balls.


So exhausted- friday I rang the bell in front of the hardware store for the Salvation Army.  Funny story- my 3rd best tennis bracelet flew off and hit an elderly gentleman, has that happened to you? Yeah, so common.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Baja East

Androgynous per Merriam- Webster: neither specifically feminine nor masculine; suitable to or for either sex

Androgynous per Baja East: Ugly enough for the both of you!


I’m loving these fabrics, but are they warning us of an Ikat apocalypse?


Is it connected on the sides? And yet, she STILL needs to hike them up??


Uh..oh, just no…


Some of these just remind me of when you tried to wear your shirts as pants when you were a kid-



This is what I think Prince Valiant has under his armour.


Where to start, where to start…..


The last outfit you’d ever want to be arrested in:


Ok, this eyelash sarong will make you popular in the holding cell….


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Osklen

Well. Shall we address the hem or the stylist caplet she forgot to take off?


Ok, just- what- no. Sheer bodice and granny panties? Mind blown.


Um, crotch bib?


Do you hear that? It’s my WhatTheWhat meter. It’s exploding.


Ok, I quit. Osklen has broken me. See you next week.



photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.