Wearable Wednesday Osklen

Well. Shall we address the hem or the stylist caplet she forgot to take off?


Ok, just- what- no. Sheer bodice and granny panties? Mind blown.


Um, crotch bib?


Do you hear that? It’s my WhatTheWhat meter. It’s exploding.


Ok, I quit. Osklen has broken me. See you next week.



photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

39 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Osklen

  1. Burlap and bibs and big boy boat shoes? Raggedy raveling hems, knitted underpants, granny pants and an outfit recycled from the neighbors last luau…grass hut skirt and a vest made from sitting on mats…and then cover it all with clear plastic raincoats…I am disheartened and in need of a drink…not even those funky flowers on their shoulders will cheer me up.


  2. Marsha says:

    We, your adoring audience, greatly appreciate the psychological trauma you experience to bring us this delightful weekly feature. This week appears to be especially painful, since even you are at a loss for words.


  3. I almost forgot that today is Wednesday. This season is really screwing up my calendar sense. Anyway…

    These are just weird. Nothing wearable here except maybe the second one if it was lined, but even with a lining I’m not sure I could get excited about it. Nice print but… I better quit now before I start babbling incoherently.

    Oh, by the way, did you notice the placement of that red flower on #2?


  4. Oh good its Wednesday, time for a giggle. Brownish skirt material recalls the terrible prickly mats (of jute? coconut?) used for forcible forward rolls and like manoeuvres in p.e. class. I suppose when modern school gymnasiums adopted more humane mat treatment, they came up for recycling. Wouldn’t advise sitting down, or leaning against anything.
    Crochet café au lait swimwear rings a bell too. Avoid water, they stretch, and stretch, and stretch. And pac a mac enjoying a revival. Too much nostalgia.


  5. GAH! No wonder you’re speechless (has that EVER happened??)…these are intolerable. Yet another example of someone getting money under false pretenses as surely this was meant to be an outdoor party tent of some sort? Hope you recover in time to tackle another Wednesday…!

    The luau shoes did kind of remind me of my old golf shoes, though…!


  6. MY problem, if you can call it that, is that I don’t even see the clothes, I just see acres and acres of thigh gap. Like a vortex into another world, those thigh gaps just suck the will to live out of me. I want to run onto the runway and forcefeed those models chicken and mayo sandwiches and eclairs. Well, not really, I can’t be bothered. But I may just have to go do some research on chicken mayo sarnies and eclairs….later….nomnomnom

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