Wearable Wednesday Baja East

Androgynous per Merriam- Webster: neither specifically feminine nor masculine; suitable to or for either sex

Androgynous per Baja East: Ugly enough for the both of you!


I’m loving these fabrics, but are they warning us of an Ikat apocalypse?


Is it connected on the sides? And yet, she STILL needs to hike them up??


Uh..oh, just no…


Some of these just remind me of when you tried to wear your shirts as pants when you were a kid-



This is what I think Prince Valiant has under his armour.


Where to start, where to start…..


The last outfit you’d ever want to be arrested in:


Ok, this eyelash sarong will make you popular in the holding cell….


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

12 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Baja East

  1. OMG…when did they let Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky from the “My Girl” film start designing on the side and modeling too? Was the designer on drugs? Or just gender confused? They eyelash skirt is just wrong for anyone and the pants look like they were designed for that poor man who had a 45 pound scrotum.


    • Due to worries about audiences becoming too upset about Culkins characters tragic death, a second version was prepped where they run away to NY and hode in an atellier. After screenings, this version was deemed FAR more upsetting than the bee thing.

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  2. Haha! I’d forgotten about that wearing t-shirts as pants trick from childhood. They all look like they need to go back to bed and recover from their hangovers. Have a merry Christmas!


  3. Uh oh. Not sure if my opinion will be popular. Well, as you know the 90s ‘grunge’ fashions made me a bit barfy. BUT, I have to say, I think THIS is what grunge should have looked like. Understated, edgy but with some style and interest (and showering). I wouldn’t wear them, no, but that’s mostly because, you know, the close brain proximity to the grunge stuff (shudder). LOL. BUT, I have to say: blue “Lumberjack Plaid Kurtas???????” Oh, I’m kind of in a very strong love with these and would look past all my grunge PTSD and wear these with pride and glory! And, I doubly love it with the really white tennis shoes. (I accept that I may be shunned here) but Docs have had their day.


  4. Oh my… this collection is baffling! It kind of makes me think of gym class- all the girls would try to get out of dressing fully for gym, so they would maybe just put on a sweatshirt over their normal clothes and hope the teacher didn’t notice. Glad to see that someone’s released an entire collection around this aesthetic! 😀


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