Do I hear a growl?


If we could swap all the animals,
Just imagine it,
Sewing up a chimp in chimpanzee
Imagine lining with a tiger,
Smocking with a cheetah
What a stylish people we would be!
If we sew with the animals,
Learn their fiber counts,
Maybe wear some antelope to tea,
We’d sashay in elephant and eagle,
Buffalo and beagle,
Alligator, guinea pig and flea!
We would catwalk in polar bear
And python
And we would cuddle up in fluorescent kangaroo
If people asked us,
Is your hoodie rhinoceros?
We’d say, “of courseros!
Jealous you?”
Sorry Dr. Doolittle, I just couldn’t resist!
Ok, Cats and Kittens! It’s time for the 1st (of hopefully many) Saber-toothed Swap! We’ve shared our love for the kittehs and the slithery snakes and the zazzy zebras, now let’s bring the jungle joy full circle with an international show of textile love!
On Sunday January 11, 2015, Penny, the Library cat and I will select partners for all the species who want to play and I hope that in early February, you will all open your mail and say ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!’
Because Leopard love is not a one month thing- Cheetah is forever! So help out your fellow stripey stitchers with a care package of PUUURRRRRFECT style!
Hey, even the jungle has rules, right?
-Any fabric from store or stash- let’s keep it under $20 if possible.
-If you wish to only ship in your own game preserve/country, let me know in the comments
-Leave an email address in your comments – I’m new to the Swapping Game, so please be gentle! You have until 01/09/15 to join the safari. My helpers and I will get your partners to you on 01/11/15!
Please let’s get everyone’s packages to them by mid- February and please post your pretty parcels for all to see!
Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to punch some air holes in those boxes, we don’t want any animal prints passing out in shipment!
So please, join us in our fun and frolic!

50 thoughts on “Do I hear a growl?

  1. I already have my first Jungle January garment planned – but what the heck, I can jump into this swap as well! Would prefer to play in Oz though please. thornberrylara at optusnet dot com dot au


  2. I would love to join the safari swap! I would prefer UK but am flexible (like a panther). How much fabric and what is the finish date for sewing please? kdaviesatnhhgdotorgdotuk Thank you!


  3. Okay, I’m in. aemphysics at gmail dot com. NA for preference, but I’m flexible like a cat sleeping in a drawer so I’ll post anywhere like.. um… a bear rubbing its back against a post? I’m out of analogies at the moment.


  4. anothersewingscientist says:

    I’m in too! I have some extra snakeskin print that I can slither to someone in North America preferably, but it can slither worldwide if need be. vicki_muise [at] yahoo [dot] ca.

    Liked by 1 person

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