Lets talk animal print!!!

Is everybody ready to bring more ROAR to their wardrobe? I sure am! Of course!

For some, this is a walk in the jungle park! You already know that leopard is a neutral that suits all occasions!


Some of you have yet to invite it into your homes….


Whatever your level of frisky, Jungle January is here for you! All month-long we will inspire each other to greater style with our Saber toothed Swap, stylish looks at feline loving designers and ways to add animal to your life.We even have a lovely pinterest board to dazzle and amaze! Penny has created a button code for us, bless her, if this doesn’t work, it’s my fault, not hers!



<div align=”center”><a title=”Jungle January 3″ href=”https://prttynpnk.com/”><img style=”border: none;” src=”https://prttynpnk.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/jj2015.jpg?w=610&#8243; alt=”Jungle January 3″ width=”200″ height=”200″ />

Each day I will scan the sewing jungle by telescope from my treehouse searching for your makes to show and share- I know I won’t be disappointed! So dig thru that stash and let’s do it, jungle style!!!!

The only rules are….be you, be daring and lets keep the skins to the original owners, please!

by Talbot, hand-coloured bromide postcard print, 1913-1914

Oh, I can’t leave yet! Lets have some inspiration, shall we?  Here’s Lauren- luring Bogie into the tall grass!


Oh Joan, you ham!


Speaking of ham, here’s my namesake Anne Francis making out her grocery list, just as I do….

anne f

Oh, Mrs Robinson, we could end without you!


photo credits: pinterest, style.com. google, meadhawg, little me. All images remain the property of their original owners.

69 thoughts on “Lets talk animal print!!!

  1. Oh, you know I’m ready!!! I still am not sure which animal print I shall use for this round of Jungle January. I have already used camel, tiger, zebra and leopard. Hmmmmm……thoughts? (PS, I love that carpeted leopard print staircase!)


  2. Really very excited to see what everyone makes. And if that code gives you problems do let me know.. when I tested it in WordPress the bit between the two [raw] [/raw] tags worked… Raw/roar!! Even the HTML is joining in the jungle japes!


  3. Bring it on! I have the perfect fabric which has been waiting in my stash for almost a year (it beat me last January) and it didn’t seem right to make it in any other month. Slightly overexcited at seeing everyone’s makes. May the jungle drums beat loud.


  4. I just happen to have leopard and zebra – cotton and rayon respectively – just waiting to pounce! BTW Lauren Bacall was so beautiful wasn’t she..may she rest in peace.


  5. This is exciting! I think I’ll join — the Sewcialists are doing a polka dot theme for January, and after some thought I decided cheetah and leopard print count as polka dots. *wink* Yay for Jungle January!


  6. OK maybe I’m brain dead from too much holiday food. Is this the same as the Saber-toothed Swap? Or is the trusty old Jungle January still on? This tortoise can’t manage a Swap – must stew on fabric many many years before making! But same as last year Jungle January finishing line might just be within reach. Already got a python hiding amidst the damasks & roses picked out. Is there hope for me yet?


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