A Fierce Start!


Greetings from my observational treehouse!  I’m very excited to show you the first- of many (I HOPE!) stylish animal print moments!

 Carrie (of the Crafted By variety) has the honor and distinction of being 1st to the watering hole!!!


Please gather your prize before Vanna eats it!


Next up!


Katie is an old hand at working the cat into her and her families wardrobes. She has credit once more for the tiniest  make! So see her catwalk faceoff with Roxy!

Lizajane blames peer pressure of the furry kind for making her finish this dress- I think it’s wonderful, don’t you?


Oh! oh! OH! It’s time for me! I am feeling so ahead of the game this time! I have a make already! Vogue 1430. You know I am enamored of print mixes and really want to get my wardrobe busier- here’s my version:


I did the skirt in cheetah and not the top, because the pattern just needed a softer flowier material. I also liked the print with a little bit of green closer to my face. I’m never sure about blue & I getting along so well. The husband was surprised I made a skirt so short- fooled him with my secret sleazedom!


Now this top has a lot of fabric to it- seriously! Look at this:


Thank God for blinds, right? It also requires me to do a lot of futzing with it. It has more drape than the proscenium at Carnegie Hall. So you can wear it open if you want, or cross it over as I did and add a little brooch- whichever, you can lose a snack or two in the folds. BUT, it isn’t faced, so half my futzing was turning it hither and thither to keep the back and hem from showing. I about created a little wind tunnel in there with all my flapping. You can do this:


and this:


Or hide from the painful sunlight that kills others of your kind!!


I love this combo together, so I will definitely wear it, but how is still my issue. Oh, Sandra Betzina’s corner mitering hem instructions are the eskimo’s knickers! That’s a good thing. Seriously, they are very helpful. Here’s another pic from my classy rainy day photo shoot in the Sewists Boredello- yes, Helmutt wants to eat the brooch. No, I didn’t let him. He should still be full from the shoe he ate earlier.


For the evening, we bid you farewell from Jungle Headquarters! Don’t forget you have until 1/9/15 to enter the Saber-toothed Swap!!


photo credits: Katiekadiddlehopper,  Carrie, meadhawg,LIzajanesews . All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “A Fierce Start!

  1. How you can make even a wind tunnel look so chic…with so little effort and then back to a condor…amazing that none of us can have that much fun with our clothes! You fabric combo is so cool! Carry on oh furry ones…love the fashion parade so far!


  2. Ooh ooh ooh it has started with such finery. Very nice items from everyone. Love your outfit with the condor’s wings open and showing the lovely navy between.


  3. Great start, ladies! Love the condor cardi, too 🙂 Those prints are nothing but fun together…and that blue suits you! 🙂 Don’t know that I could get away with it as a top, but love the cardi idea!


  4. Your top is really nice BUT I really love your skirt. That print, wish I could find some.
    This will be the first year that I am participating in your Jungle January. What am I supposed to do when I finish my jungle print make – notify you, or will you just know after I post it on my blog????


  5. Love your print combo, especially like the blue leopard. And the others who’ve joined the safari, fanrastic!
    I’ve jumped on the wagon, on the blog now: http:// barbarajanemade.com
    Yee haa for jungle January!


  6. Nancy Sartanowicz says:

    Love you and your wacky sense of humor and your flashy style. We all need more pizzazz in our lives and you show us how. Thanks!


  7. Hey! Have you been rooting through my stash, again? I’ve got that blue leopard print and it’s wayward cousin, red. Love the out fit. Going for Jungle January again this year.


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