Wearable Wednesday Haider Ackermann

Tilda SWINNNNNTONNNNNNNNNN……..hear it in the wind? Lets match the outfits to her potential film roles, shall we?

A brash indie film entirely in Esperanto. I give you: The Exponential Kale Smuggler.


Orpheus Screams at Car Wash proletariats  a drama yet unreleased, but pinging with tension.


Boogie with Satan, a musical in dolphin.


Bebop Becomes Electra- a portrait of a hermaphrodite obsessed with Bo Diddly.


Fiddlecrabs and Percival. A story of otters taken hostage by fate.


Truth blemishes the Enigma. A one man show filmed entirely in a Denny’s staff locker room.


Happy Feet 4! The endgame.


Leda has a Peptic Ulcer. A children’s fable.


Burning, Shambling, Miserable Love. in 3D


photo credits: style.com. all images remain the property of their original owners.

50 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Haider Ackermann

  1. susan snow says:

    You are an absolute scream. This was the very best commentary yet. You deserve an award or something for this one. Keep it up, you made my day!! Imagine seeing someone actually wearing one of these outfits? It would be so hard to keep a straight face!


  2. SunGold says:

    My takeaway from the photos: Now that we’ve all struggled to get that perfect fit, it’s time to master the technique of wavy, lumpy, loosely gathered wads of fabric on various parts of a garment. Those asymmetrically loose-fit pants legs in photo 3 (“Boogie with Satan”) particularly drive me nuts.


  3. Fiddlecrabs is a little bit bondage, no? But have you noticed that the pant legs are all a lighter color on the inside leg? Is this a new look to make your legs look narrower? I’m all for that. Those poor models…when is that food truck arriving?


  4. I have to call you out on the Denny’s outfit. No way any employee at Denny’s could wear that- I know because I was a waitress there. Every employee gets a free Grand Slam every shift, which adds up to an extra 15 pounds of bare midriff!


    • Ah, ever since Joan Crawford worked a diner in Adrian shoulder pads, movies have beenless than accurate! Free grand slam? Im switching jobs. The hospital cafeteria serves cabbage too often.


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