Purrfect Pairings!


Today we will assign all the swappers their Jungle Buddies! Please contact your partners as soon as you can, it’s always better to traverse the wild with a buddy!

Ginny and  Katie

Lara and SewingElle

Cinnaspice0117 and Funnygrrl

Melody and Valerie (help! Valerie! I have no link!)

Kate and Demented Fairy!

Beverly and Barbara

Debbie and Andrea

Anne and Kat

Vicki and Rachel

Claire and Ginger

CGCouture and Sarah

I am so pleased and giddy about how many of you were brave enough to play! I know your postal agents will be pleased when the growling box of wonderfulness sits next to then and tries to eat their lunch on delivery day!

silent leo

Ok, you know what to do- contact your swap buddies and let the fun begin! Remember- you are not obliged to sew your prize in January- it’s a treat to keep the wild alive in your wardrobe all year! Now- let’s look at some other pairings and how we can work the wild!

Looking for jazzy twist to a work dress?  Maybe your Rigel Bomber should growl!


Excuse me, if my Grandmonster had knitted me this, I’d be a much better person today….Ravelry


.check out this Pinterest board for more needle scheming!

Still not inspired? How about some shopping? Mood


Fabricmart?  Oy, tiny picture?!


Ok, go see this fancy at Tessuti

Alright, Katze says it’s time for another nap and episode of Ms Fisher……tata for now Wild Things!


photo credits: pinterest, little me, google images, Ravelry, Mood, Tesuti, Fabricmart

28 thoughts on “Purrfect Pairings!

  1. Ooooh, I’m with Sonja, a leopard’ish bomber jacket needs to find it’s way to my wardrobe, although (for me) perhaps in a snow leopard version! Looking forward to sending Katie a parcel of wild!


  2. I have contacted the fabulous Demented Fairy and found her a marvellous dramatic dresser, and an interesting correspondent. Score. Or should I say Roar? Stamps (or stampede) at the ready.


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