Wearable Wednesday Ohne Titel

Let’s see if this collection gives us a titel or two. Luckily, models can’t eat- this would be hell to brush crumbs off of.


Don’t throw out those air filters, kids- it’s time to sew ’em up!


Shouldn’t your coverup…well, coverup?


Ok, call the labour board- if the studio is cold enough to see nipples thru a plastic chestplate….


Ah! They are attached to the sandals! I though they were weird reverse sock garters! Um, still not buying a pair….


Yay! A wearable piece!


Please have those looked at. Seriously, do it now.


Wanda would not be denied entry into the royal box for want of a jacket.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

16 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Ohne Titel

  1. I think designers should be forced to send average women down the catwalk – it’s just way too easy to wrap bandages and scraps of fabric round these waifs and call it fashion – let’s test their skillz with some CURVES!!! LOL

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  2. You nailed the wearable look, that dress is on point! The sandals … hm. They juuuust work on six foot tall, hundred pound models. Not sure they’d look as good on the rest of us. And that first dress is a cheat! It’s a tank dress with ribbons draped around it — unless there’s a side to it we can’t see.


  3. I can’t decide if those shoes are atrocious or awesome, but I think I want a pair of the ones without the strange calf piece (on my chicken legs it wouldn’t fit anyway). The turquoise ones at the top should do nicely, methinks. 😉 Also, I kind of like Wanda’s jacket…


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