Fashionably Fierce!


Let us pack tightly against the windows of our safari vehicle today! I will turn up the speakers so we can swing from limb to limb and enjoy!

We have many wonderful sights to behold! This week the sewing community has done the jungle most proud with its art and creativity!
Up on the right is our first model- Valerie and her vivacious V-neck Alder! I’m becoming quite a fan of zebra!


Ready for a Rumble in the Jungle- with the fair Fiona? Fiona is!


By the by- I’m loving all the verbage and creativity coming in this year! Everyone is stylish and clever!!! My love of animal print stems from a love of animals- they are beautiful examples of God’s care and design. This next make is very dear to me- I’d so pleased to see the vision Carolyn found deep in the forest! I will say no more but….. Ribbit, ribbit!!


Jay sewed up a very touchable top for her daughter- lucky girl!I hope in my little twisted heart that she wears pink boots with this…..


Raesmom on PatternReview has me feeling pique envy!Thanks for letting me share!


Ever see the elusive and charming gir-poodle? Be afraid! Be very afraid! It gets excellent traction on hard woods or garden areas! Thanks Tia!


We are going giraffe to giraffe today- enjoying the tender upper leaves and serenity- check out these jeans! I’m really loving how subtle they are. Show uis your stuff, Elizabeth!


photo credits: Pattern Review, Valerie, Mezzocouture, Fiona, Jay,  Elizabeth. All images remain the property of their original owners.

14 thoughts on “Fashionably Fierce!

  1. These are all so lovely and creative.

    I cut mine out this weekend and hope to start on it today. Then I might even have a second one but I’m rapidly running out of month. Sheesh! January just started. How did it get to be the 19th already?


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