The Catwalk bites back!

pool j

This week I had hoped to finally get that trash novel-writing strumpet off of my back by finally publishing her 5 part interview, ‘The Beast I have within- a sisters journey in Cougarville’ but alas, Jackie- the sewists have come on strong and the only knicker flinging tales this day will be supplied by Ruth!!! Oh, how our little kitten has grown claws!


Leila might not be wearing any underpants at all, but who cares- look at her pouncing predator skirt!


Ready for the opposite end of the skirt extremes? Rachel is ready to woo the CEO in her cheetah pencil skirt refashion!


Gracious! I think all these Collins girls have my mind running in a more frisky mode! Jackie, I asked you to leave- now you go- we don’t have time for you!Put that manuscript back in your purse!!


Take your sister with you! She’s drinking up all the gin!


Now this is more like it! Welcome to the Jungle Susie! Love the top! The scenery isn’t bad either- oh, excuse me, Sir, I didn’t mean to offend…..


Oh, girls, come on back- I can’t stay mad at your little Patsy and Edina selves!


photo credits: pinterest, Vanity Fair, Ruth, Susie, Leila, Rachel. All images remain the property of their original owners.

25 thoughts on “The Catwalk bites back!

  1. Jeez, those Collins sisters are really something huh? They’ve been e-mailing since you posted ’cause they want to borrow my knickers to match their dresses! Pleeaase…..


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