Wearable Wednesday Manish Arora

So back in 6th grade there was this girl named Amy Graber who had like every Lisa Frank school supply there was and I so totally hated her. Hmm. I wonder what made me think of her?


Ula was the most deadly assassin that had ever worked the YMCA strip in Singapore. Her underwater headbutting technique could not be matched for lethal accuracy.


Does this fanny pack give me camel toe, Audrey wondered…..


Even without saying it, everyone knew that Lola was one proud matadors wife.


I just know there is a unicorn on here somewhere! I know it!


Eye hate this collection. See what I did there? It’s funny, cuz it’s true.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Manish Arora

  1. With this lineup, one has to separate each garment from the other in each outfit. The first outfit has two garments, and two accessories, that are quite lovely after losing the add on flowers, but should never be worn with each other.


  2. I like some of this fabric, and am depressed that it was wasted on this…..hideousness, but those shoes… ICK! They’re like a car wreck–you just can’t look away!

    I have trouble hating on the fanny packs though, I confess that making them a part of the outfit was a semi-clever idea. In theory, at least.


  3. It’s too bad really – there’s something very appealing about the colours and the iridescence and the beading, but camel-toe inducing fanny packs and eyeball boobs kind of ruin the whole facade, don’t they? LOL. Also, I want to hate the shoes but I kind of love them instead haha ^__^


  4. Great scott! This collection is just so, so weird. I mean, some of the beadwork is really interesting…then it’s paired with cut off (beaded) sweatpants and a * FANNY PACK * ??? WTH. Could they not spring for a nice little evening bag? But, of course that would have been too ‘fussy’ for the sweatpant things…! And LOL at the assassin number…totally got the swimmer association then got completely distracted by the fact that her TOTE appears to be made out of the same fabric as her JACKET…?! Boy, I’m betting that’s a real comfy little number to wear…especially since both of them look like that no-breathe vinyl! We’re not even going to talk about the ‘shoes’. Surely they could require that anyone making shoes have appropriate training…oh, right. Like anyone who creates a collection of garments shown on a runway should have…Sigh. I can see the problem here.

    Another example of someone with money funding things on a whim, perhaps? Frankly, I liked the colors…of the solids…but FANNY PACKS? BEADED fanny packs? Nope…you lost me. Totally.

    The Lisa Franck reference was fun, though. My girls LOVED that brand. Had ALL of it.

    Another fun walk down the runway – thanks for the Wednesday smiles đŸ™‚


  5. Are MC Hammer pants making a comeback? I see those foil fabrics and think sweaty crevasses. Fanny packs scream US tourists getting ready to be robbed overseas. Matador beading belongs on matadors!


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