Saturday along the Serengeti!

Shhhhhh- the animals are going to sleep! Grab your pillow and admire Leila of Grow your own clothes cozy jammie time togs!

Cinnaspice used one of my favorite patterns in a new way- grrrrrr!Happy Anniversary indeed!

Minerva Crafts hit my radar with some help from Twitter this week- expect to see me at the feed store in this little number:


Anna always finds fabric that I want to steal! This dress is no exception!It also marks our first elephant sighting! No, offense, Anna- I meant the print- you are perfection!


Char is confronting the cold with a sassy layer of slither! I need a bow blouse now, Char! Extra points for the short-legged companion!


Linda, you have a quite a way with cats, I see! Much purring here……

HOT SHOPPING TIP!!! Leila revealed her sassy fabric source to me- check this out! If you can beat me to it all!
Did you all see the new Vogues? I like ‘em!! Let’s have a look, shall we?

Hmm….how about some fabric suggestions? with Lowpricefabrics help:


How about a predator peplum? with more from

vogue 9084

Ok, one more! Leia, Baby- you are spending my grocery money fast with your Michael Levine link!!!


Photo credits: Minerva Crafts, Vogue Paterns, Michael Levin, youtube, Cinnaspice, Leila, Linda, Char, Anna.   All images remain the property of their original owners.

22 thoughts on “Saturday along the Serengeti!

  1. I’m ready to sew- I’ve done my fabric swap with the lovely Kate, and she’s blogtasticly planned her jungle sewing. I hit the Birmingham markets today, and I’ve got all my stuff ready for a fab jungle COLLECTION no less- all Style Arc. I’ll be back!

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  2. Some more wonderful makes there. Love them. And the fabric too. Trying not to buy too much at the moment you cruel woman.

    Received my SWAP fabric. Love it and am deciding what to make.


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