The Amazing Animal Parade!

My inbox growled all weekend! I love it!!!

Shall we pass the binoculars around? Ever see a Gator Skater? Show ’em Amy!


I want this fabric- I want this dress!!! Welcome aboard Ida Aida  I’m loving your blog.


I love this picture so much, Jean Margaret!!!! Extra points for location shots!!

MD Edith 2k

Beajay– this fabric is drool-worthy!!! Can I prowl in your garden- it looks quite lush. Will i find that rhino there?


Now, let’s dim the lights around the watering hole and get cozy, shall we? Ruth– you are a wonder! I thought I saw some panthers buying after shave this weekend- I wondered what was up!


Stay tuned for more and of course, the Spotted Carpet wrap up party!!!!


Whoa!!! We almost missed one! Hiding up ahead behind the rocks is a very Sarcastic beauty!  Oh, bother- I enlarged you and you are blurry- well, that means you must run over and read the review!!


photo credits: youtube, Almond Rock, Ruth, Jean mArgaret, Ida Aida, Beajay  All images remain the property of their original owners.

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