Wearable Wednesday Veronique Branquinho

Shhhhh- this morning we have a particularly skittish model . Don’t frighten her with your scary food digesting ways!


Come closer, we won’t hurt you- we only want to study your pleated plummage! Oh, now, we’ve startled her- she is going into a defensive position- similiar to the species in it’s early catalog and carshow days. We must coo at her and maybe offer her an e-cigarette.


She feels safer in her corner with her Grandfathers old gardening sweater on. Aw….


Wait! Don’t ask her if this is a skirt or culottes- it seems to really piss her off!


I want to mention that this is a crumb-catchin’ carwash imitatin’ absorbent lookin’…..Oh heck, I like it.


Paddington- the assassin years.


Oh look! She’s cocooning!!!


photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

32 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Veronique Branquinho

  1. These are all… nice. I could do without the crumb catchers and the last one is a little odd. Is that a coat? With short sleeves? But mostly, actually wearable.


  2. Poor skittish thing. Someone should really rescue her and show her how much fun it is on the food side of things!! And that has got to be the most cocoon-ish cocoon coat I have ever seen. I wonder if it will stay shaped like that when she moves away from the corner….


  3. Carol Parker says:

    Thanks for starting my day with a laugh! Your comments on the clothes are great. I always enjoy reading whatever you write, so keep it up-you’re a wonderful humor writer! Or were you serious? LOL I like the red dress, too. Wish we could see in more detail.


  4. Some of these photos remind me of Flat Stanley. Do you think they fold her up and put her in a suitcase to take photos all over the world? Flat Stanleigh? I really do like this collection though. How do you find these things!?!


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