Another Day in the Fabulous Jungle!


Ah, the tropical breezes have blown more friends over to say ‘hi’ today as we watch the Jungle Parade. Katie D is my special guest this morning- welcome Katie!

While we wait for our first bit of ferociousness to pass, let’s make idle truly unplanned conversation, shall we? Katie, What draws you to the fabrics you choose? Do you seek the fabric before the pattern selection?
I’m drawn to so many things about a fabric. Color, print, fiber content – they all come into play when I am choosing. I nearly always start with the fabric and let it talk to me. Since so many of my fabric purchases are online, I’m sometimes surprised by a fabric’s hand or drape, and something that was going to be a tee shirt suddenly becomes a skirt when I have my hands on it.
I’m like that too- when the fabric leads me, I sew better!
Here comes Elena looking stylish and cozy! She is most fierce on her blog!


Lynn brings us science I can get behind!


I love exploration that involves gorgeous color and print! So see her full report!
Inge mustn’t stand too close to Lynn- I’m not sure if the Flamingo and the space pea-leopard are on good terms- but I want them both in my closet!!!

Mrs Mole, welcome to the command tower! I see you brought along the Alabama/Serengeti connection- brava!!!


How does animal print or animals themselves make you feel in regards to your style? “I feel powerful and fun wearing animal prints…wish I had more…have to make more this year…grrrrr”

When I think tropical luciousness- I think Coco! Breezy, lovely Coco!


If you are anxiously clutching your Siegfried and Roy calendar and worried that our time is almost through-

lillian g

relax– we’ll be back with more spotted carpet action and a roundup post and a swap report!
Here’s a peek at the Lyn B’s completed Swap- DVF GRRRRR!


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