In the Jungle, the modish jungle…..


Buckle in folks- we have much to see! Lots of friends to visit- some familiar and some new! Anna– take it away! While that giraffe distracts you, can I just rifle thru your stash and maybe sneak some things away, please????


Pia‘s stash overflows most stylishly! Don’t you think? I always love her combinations!


Andie has such a great name for her blog- got to love a gal with a John  Hughes vibe! Especially when she has little fluffy mitts!


Fresh from Facebook and into our hearts this year is Elaine– the Demented Fairy!



Now, I was hoping that a certain Mother-Daughter duo would sneak up on us at the watering hole and here they are! Cari and Guiny! Rock on Ladies!


Now, Lizzy– don’t be mad- I like this pic- even if it isn’t your favorite! Ziggi Tiger combo for the win!


Sometimes you see the least expected rare beauties on a safari!! Trivia: what is the fastest land animal? Material Ladies in zebra!


Ok, I picked this pic for my own personal amusement- and also, to further remind everyone that the real fun is on the blogs posted! So if you want to see more animal print loving Time Lord action- go see!


Fadanista is double dipping for us today! I insist that you go to the blog to see that she is jungle all the way to her…..core.


In the interest of science I bring you- a Kat/leopard/snail fusing of fabulousness!!! Where’s the leopard? I’ll never tell!

Hey Kat-

Did you enjoy Jungle January and the SWAP?

‘But of course! Both are fabulous, dah-ling! And I await next January with eager anticipation – in fact, I’m already eyeing up my stash to see which little animals are gonna jump out at me, demanding to be made….’


Swap Updates!!!!!

Lara and Liz are showing off their new pelts!


Liz will not be outdone! She’s already sewing hers!  The zebra muse was upon her, obviously.


Now, fear not- little Jungle Hoppers! We aren’t done until I say we’re done!!! So keep ’em coming as long as you want to!!


photo credits:Andie, Anna, Elaine, Thornberry, Liz, Lizzy, Cari, meadhawg, Fandanista, Pia, Kat   All images remain the property of their original owners.

13 thoughts on “In the Jungle, the modish jungle…..

  1. Oh, what fun!! Ummm, snail print? That’s a new one. How cute are Cari and Guin?? And I love that jumpsuit, you know how I lovesme a jumpsuit! I’m back from my looong workshop, all jQueried out, and looking forward to a rest, than some Jungle Sewing 🙂


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