Wearable Wednesday Samuji

Come on everybody and do the Amish Stomp!!


This is….um…well….unfortunate.


I’d like this if I didn’t feel like the model was trying to threaten me from beyond.


Is this photoshopped? Is her head really attached to her body? CYBORG!!!!!


‘…and when they looked at the scheduling book- they discovered the model had never been there at all!!!’ – Spooky Stories from Karl Lagerfeld’s Summercamp for Overindulged Youths


Sad Angular Clown Collection 2015


I think she’s trying to morph back to the Mother Ship!!!


Don’t mind me- I just haunt this studio.


photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

35 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Samuji

  1. A perfect collection for women who have no boobs, no hips and no hope of ever laughing at a joke. So serious and so simplistic and so scary. The fabrics may be nice, except that sea foam green one, but think about how so little labor is actually in them and imagine the high end prices!


  2. sewbussted says:

    Well, if anyone ever decides to do a modern(and I use modern loosely) take on the orphanage scene in Jane Erye, look no further!!!


  3. Well, I dunno… there’s some great outfits here in which one could garden or clean the bathrooms… The dungaree-ish jumpsuit is perfect for outdoors, and if it was a little chilly, you could add the transparent sweater, or the hat if it’s too sunny. And the dress and kerchief combo is ideal for cleaning…. 😀


  4. I can usually say “gimme the fabrics” but the seafoam green fabric is the only one that is even slightly interesting to me and that only slightly. I think I might like the clown dress in a different color.


  5. susan snow says:

    Once again you have outdone yourself with this commentary. You are a scream. I really look forward to your Wearable Wednesdays. I wonder what you would have had to say about the Rick Owens Paris Fashion Show (tee, hee) for men. It was seriously x-rated. Please keep making us smile. All the best.


  6. Jen (NY) says:

    With the exception of the jumpsuit–which is horrendous–I blame this failure on the stylist(s) more than the designer. If one imagines happier models, with tousled hair, and say, ballet flats, then it is a normal, if not exciting collection. The dunce corner of the abandoned victorian schoolroom setting, or whatever it is, is a contributing factor. Imagine a path through a forest glade or even a shopping mall, and it looks so much brighter…


  7. Marsha says:

    The thing I hate the most are those Herman Munster booties. Very tall women tend to naturally have very long feet. The boots might look okay in size 6 or 7, but her huge stompers just add to the scariness of the photos.


  8. LOL “sad angular clown” made me giggle – and some of these photos really do look eerily cyborg-like (and not in a good way). That said, I like the jumpsuit and the blue sheer top (but not paired with the weird furry hat). The rest looks like the Haunting of Little House on the Prairie LOL.


  9. I like the clown dress – expect it would be much improved with some jewelry and cute shoes (it would rock with a pair of Fluevogs). Perhaps the model is so stunning, they dressed her down so the rest of us wouldn’t feel bad about ourselves?


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