Meanwhile, back at the Safari base-


I just can’t let this happy time go! I’ve loved all the friends and the fun and the fierce! Let’s see some more, with a literary accompaniments!


She-Tiger patiently watches,
In shadows,
Dark concealing realm,
Green eyes pierce nights,
Blackening shroud.

Marianne welcome!!! I love that jacket!


Ever weary, seeking motions,
Beware the bush itself seems,
To come alive,
Beneath moonlights twilight mists,
Heavy foot steps cautiously,

Elle The mighty Swap-zebra emerges!!! Yes, I’m jealous!


Traveling along a carnalistic path,
Deaths servant stalks it’s prey.
Revealing raw natures twisted fate,
In her flashing gaze, ageless,
Wisdom lies,
This huntress most majestic.

Ebi– I think this is your moment!! Go baby, go!


Sleek jungle mistress, fearlessly,

This year facebook entered the jungle and new stylish friends were made! Yvonne:


Forgotten trails cutting,
Edges unyielding,
Patrolling vast wilderness.
Drink deeply clear waters purity,
No other creature dares,
Come near thee.

Elaine is back!! She is making a serious jungle migration of style!


Forests chameleon, hidden,
Amongst bamboo thickets.
Camouflages golden blends,
Are parted,
By divisions striped bands.

NIc– you are bringing us some very cool vibes!

Feeding legacies future brood.
Crowns glorious jewels,
Young cubs at play,
Learning life’s lessons to be,
Remembered someday.

Kate and her herd is back!


Rough dull stones at first,
Finely polished y age,
One day they’ll sparkle,
Under sunshine’s rays.
Royalties queen, stands tall,
Upon prides rock,
Surveying an evergreen,

You know those scenes in the adventure movies where the plane has to leave or all of humanity will be destroyed? But you love the team member left behind and you weep along with the survivors until you see that no, of course thy made it! Of course they are in the jeep enjoying the group hug and heroic glow of a job well done? Well, I’d like to say I planned such a thing, but I just missed one. But lets play along shall we?  To spare my embarrassment, mkay? Good.

Hey, everybody! It’s Kate!!! How could we party without her?


Photo credits: Ebi, Nic, Katie, Elaine, Elle, Kate. all images remain the property of the original owners.
*poetry by Cheryl Dunn

18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the Safari base-

  1. Dearest Anne – have you forgotten my snow leopard jumpsuit (meow)? I only made it in order to feature on the best blog in the world (purr). Loving Sabre toothed swap partner Elaine (Demented Fairy)’s Zebra Herd blouse.


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