Burda 7320 It’s not what you think!

Burda. You started out as the bad boy who treated me rough, but I just couldn’t stop seeing. We made friends and as you know, I started to meet you routinely at the malt shoppe. Shy glances turned to seeking you out in the bins. I’m smitten. Well, it’s come to its natural conclusion some of you may cluck behind your fans. I feel like Rizzo. All you Sandra Dee girls better stop judging me and making your false accusations!


Yes, I sewed a maternity dress, but it’s not what you think!!! I just loved the pleat detail and the extra paunch room! Stop trying to pin that Scarlet letter to my cheetah hoodie! I’m still unsullied!!!

Now check out my non-fertile frock, please. I’ve been wanting to make this for a long time, but everytime I’d grab the pattern, I’d worry that it would look ungainly or that it would scream ‘isn’t that maternity?’ for all to see. I have no need for a maternity dress. To put it daintily, my shape is more of a wraparound porch design than a central portico.
So I threw caution to the wind and made up the skirt portion of this in a gorgeous Marc Jacobs fabric that I have been crooning to for a year or so. I put it on the lovely Ms Holloway and studied it while I watched The Poseidon Adventure with Bruderlein. A plan formed.
I took the original front pleats and pulled them up from the center front into a narrower inverted ‘V’ and put the bodice together; lengthening it just an inch to keep the heaviness of the pleats closer to my hips than rib cage. Less empire waist to fool the baby doll dress hating husband!

It passed the sit test and didn’t give the impression that 45 miniature boy scouts were about to come out of my bellybutton area and make a cozy campfire in front of their new favorite tent structure.


I sit a lot at work and a dress that creates a tent structure at my gut would get annoying and catch crumbs!? Ok, so far so good. I don my science project and go to the den for a husband critique. He stops looking at food porn online to give the royal ‘thumbs up/thumbs down’.
He likes it!!!! Take that, Burda! I win!


Now, one more detail to show- check out this lining- I know the purple doesn’t match, but it was handy and I wasn’t sure this would work anyway. Burda has you line the bodice and then conceal the armscye edges with bias. My lining material was too woodgy, so I used premade in purple- it was better than the yellow I had- purple at least looks like a semi-plan!


I won’t lie- it has some bodice fit issues. The fabric is a heavy stretch and great to work with but it wasn’t  loving being eased into princess seams. I will be returning to the machine for that wrestle this week. It also is quite maternal in a high wind. We kept having to wait on wind for pictures. I was my own windsock!


Oh, I love these little shoulder awning sleeves- and oh, I know you are admiring my Disney Couture crystal Mickey necklace and earrings! I am way stylish, as you know. In honor of my foolishness- enjoy an oddly appropriate Fanny Brice tribute from Babs:

photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, youtube, getty images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

59 thoughts on “Burda 7320 It’s not what you think!

  1. Love the dress, love the sleeves…the fabric is perfect but my only question is…are the princess seams directly over your bust points? They look a little off to the side, even on the envelope which can cause funny little puckers on the side panels. I want your necklace!


  2. Marsha says:

    Hey–I like it! And who says you have to be pregnant to enjoy a nice comfy no-waist style. I’m post-menopausal, but I sometimes buy maternity clothes at the thrift store because they fit well in the shoulders while giving me a little more room for the post-baby paunch (baby is 19 years old, but it’s still all his fault).


  3. gilliancrafts says:

    Well, I *am* concerned it’s almost a solid… and only one colour??! 😛 It’s lovely on you, as is everything you make! The scissor pleat reminds me a little of the Cake Red Velvet dress, if you ever want a knit version! 😉


  4. nishi says:

    Wow! It really doesn’t look like a maternity dress at all! I would totally wear this pattern (that pleat is SO cute!) & I love the inside finish!


  5. You most definitely whipped this into submission, lovely! Burda boy will be grovelling and showing you all of his latest designs, pleading for some Bruderlein attention before he releases them to the rest of us. I like it. Very grown up ;)P


  6. Ooooh, what fabric!!! Love it!! And you know, I totally didn’t get the maternity dress angle: I saw the envelope and thought, ‘perfect! a well-placed pleat to gloss over my belly’ — but I suppose a pregnant belly has some commonalities with a full one, eh? 😉 Anyway, what a great make — the sleeves are especially cute.


  7. bimbleandpimble says:

    Bwah ha ha! I love the tent pleat hard- that is some seriously cool design lines! Boo hiss to the bodice being a bit jerky- I hope you can straighten that out lickety split!


  8. Very elegant and not at all maternity. I too am a little concerned about the almost plain fashion fabric ( which is very lovely) and coordinating lining and bias. You should have used the yellow!


  9. knitgirl23 says:

    I think that’s pretty darn cute and doesn’t scream maternity at all. I’ll look up from my food porn to give you two thumbs up.


  10. This is gorgeous on you! Great design and profile. maternity? I don’t think so! pattern makers really push the lines in their vision sometimes. Back to you – I really like you in solids, so flattering. Great make!


  11. I agree that elegant is the word for this one. Maybe you didn’t mean to, but you have made a grown up, elegant dress that looks wonderful. Especially with the opaque matching tights (you have great legs by the way) and “toning” footwear. Absolutely lovely. You look amazing.


  12. Just found your blog via one of the Jungle-January-participants and love it!
    This dress is great, I wouldn’t have though of a maternity-dress. Love the pleat and you have chosen an amazing fabric for it!


  13. I love this dress!! It looks fabulous on you – I love the structure and style lines, and the pleats really work! I thought the same as you – it looks maternity on the model, but you did a spectacular job, and with the fitting and fabric choice it looks really chic on you, not even close to maternity 🙂

    I am always concerned about pleats, but I’ve noticed the “internal” kind of pleats seem to be more flattering than the sticky-outy kind (very scientific explanation, I know – but you know what I mean LOL)

    As a sort of funny side note – I love Burda and my mum, who has been sewing for longer than I’ve been alive, hates them – she always teases me for it! LOL ^_^


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