Wearable Wednesday Vionnet

Shut up- they keep my thighs warm when  I bike to work! v1 Where to start, where to start…..her toes are huge!!! The yeti slippers are very much detracting from her icey blue mode. v2 Some  mean girls stole her ascot and her lunch money! v3 Look, I keep some clothing for sentimental reasons, but Honey, it’s time to throw away the sleeper Nana made you in 4th grade. You will thank me.


Poor Alice- her prom dress didn’t meet the schools dress code, so they made her wear whatever was in the lost and found. v5

The static built up by these pants is graciously powering the office of 2 non profit groups. Models- they give back! v6

She is wearing the same thing as my Aunt Trixie’s guest bathroom was during the 70’s!! v7

Oh, come on, did you think I’d completely ignore the ‘pencil boxes’?? http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=trapped+in+a+box+youtube&FORM=VIRE1#view=detail&mid=3F3C1C061375BE71FF1D3F3C1C061375BE71FF1D photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

38 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Vionnet

  1. Morgan says:

    thigh warmers !
    hmm . . . , now there’s a thought,

    Oh no, it’s like a visual earworm I’m stuck with for the day.
    shuffles off to the day’s chores tutting and headshaking …


  2. Mary says:

    I would like to comment because I enjoyed this Wearable Wednesday sooooo much, but I truly don’t know what to say. It was fun to look at? The prom look was my favorite. 😊

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  3. sewbussted says:

    As I scrolled through, all I could do was question the box….and the straw!!! Then I saw MaciNic’s comment, taxidermy. Ohhhhhh….hmmm, I still don’t understand 😦
    Great post as always Ann!


  4. Chunky, frumpy and slippers…where is the magic and inspiration and what are the prices on these creations? The only decent outfit is the mean girls one if you add a blouse. Or just let Kim Kardashian wear it since she needs to show off her assets.


  5. There was a fire in the dorm last night. First the lights went out. Then the smoke alarms let rip. Everyone pulled on the first things that came to hand. The lucky ones found their slippers. It was no fun clambering down the fire escape at 4am and lining up for a head count. Where’s a fireman when you need a fireman’s lift?


  6. So, so funny reading your comments 🙂 This is like ‘fun with home decor’ or something…bath mats, rugs, fur bits…and that black “skirt” is surely a used tablecloth! And the PENCILS…! WHY are there PENCILS?? So distracted by the PENCILS I couldn’t even take on the actual clothing…what there was of it, anyway.

    Oh, the horror…!

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  7. I can only deduce from the sasquatch slippers that the light blue getup is supposed to be “loungewear.” I can see it now–she’s flipping pancakes when the enormous drape over her shoulder catches on fire from the gas stove. Silly me. She’s obviously sitting down sipping a cosmo while the help makes her pancakes.


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