Wearable Wednesday Red Valentino

And then Eloise starting hanging around behind the Plaza…..


I’m Veruca Salt and I want a goose that lays golden eggs!


I’m so afraid that a Fanning is being coaxed into this outfit right now!!!


Yeah, I thought it was her hair at first, too.


Oh please, somebody remake Taxi Driver and have Iris wear this!!!!!


Oh, no…..it’s a onsie……


It takes a lot of skill to make tweed billow….


photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Red Valentino

  1. The shoes are nice, the tights are from grammar school, the fur jackets are from the lost and found box in the school office. What are those drawings of? Strange ballerinas and bowling pins on a onesie and does anyone else think wool tweed shorts are stupid? The jeans are about as bad as they come and carrying grandma purses just makes me laugh!


  2. hahahaha! I thought it was her hair, too! I want… no… I NEED that animal print jacket, and I like the orange doctor bag. So weird how expensive fashion slaps odd pieces together and calls it a ‘look’.


  3. Tyraenna says:

    Those tweed shorts are hilarious! And I did totally think it was her hair at first for the blue dress. Also, what is with the odd circus cartoon people?


  4. Jen (NY) says:

    The white lacey tights remind me of my late 60s/early 70s childhood. I hated those things and always managed to get them a bit bloody by skinning my knee…

    Except for the onesie, I think that most of these would be cute if restyled a bit, minus the storybook appliqués.


  5. Creepy. It’s Lolita meets Iris; all “she may have only been fourteen but she wanted and she knew it” And so deliberate, why else choose a model who looks fourteen and accessorise her like a rebellious 13 year old.
    Fashion, I despair of thee.


  6. Seriously feeling like Valentino’s designer card should be suspended for a season or two to let him ‘reset’…! Billowy tweed shorts??? WHY? I agree with Mrs Mole…no point. AND those cartoons are just silly looking, the model is silly looking (does anyone else want to take a brush and some scissors to her hair??), the designs are silly looking…MEH. That first look…seriously, dude. Go on a long vacay or something and find a new muse, a new outlook, new assistants…new everything! It’s re-group intervention time at the Valentino house!

    On the plus side…junk like this makes that awful ‘miles too big’ first knit project of mine look like classic Chanel…;)

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