Blind Dates and Love Matches in the Textile Hoarding Closet!

Ah me, the pressure, THE PRESSURE!!  I’m sure I don’t have to- and it would be most immodest for me to mention, that I am receiving my proper due from the masses this week- I am one of the elite 900 runnerS up on the Best Bloggers of 2015. I will try to maintain my modest nature and not brag about the huge endorsement deals I am receiving constantly!  Why, just yesterday, I was behind the grocery store and I was digging for dented and expired cans of peaches and the stock boy who was smoking nearby said, ‘Do you like that? Take it’.

See? the perks just keep rolling in!!

It’s becoming hard to leave the house without a throng of well-worshippers clamouring for my attention. Mostly at traffic lights when I am busy struggling with my cookie bag and people insist on driving around me honking and waving. Can’t I get any privacy? Does my public own me????
So with the whole world watching- what to sew? More importantly, what to BLOG??? I have no idea what category I was most celebrated in- I assume it dealt with my naturally red hair, amazing style and ability to properly interpret the instructions on the same tunic I make over and over again. Well, I’m going to wing it and assume that you are here for the same thing you always show up for. A cautionary tale about sewing without a plan!!

Because of my constant need to adopt statement piece fabric- I end up with a lot of lonely garments. A skirt that matches nothing but a black tee and a cardigan (crazy art teacher chic) and I feel like I’m copping out.


I hate sewing a gorgeous gaudy rag and realizing it only matches black pants. Ugh. I hate wardrobe staples. I know that’s stupid, but when I whip out the black pants, I feel like I’m compromising my tacky vision. Oh, the torment of a closet full of butterflies that aren’t getting to properly spread their wings. Are you holding your breath? Are you waiting for me to acknowledge that sewing without a plan is stupid and leads to a closet of regret? Take a breath. I can’t do it. I’m still true to my crazy inner child. I decided instead to host a dating service for all my separates. Yes. You hear me. I brought all my lonelyheart skirts into the sewing area, hung them on the design rod and started playing matchmaker in my textile hoarding closet. I started out with this Vogue 1092 from 2013.


That top neckline was annoying, so I don’t wear the skirt so much. A shame- it is really a nice shape and I’m proud of how it came together. But all is not lost! There is someone for everyone! I’m not sure whose Mom said that first, but it’s always true.


Cue the violins- Its time for a love connection! Mccalls 6991- She’s a smart sophisticated gal who likes late dinners, meetings and the restless poetry of Gordon Lightfoot! Sometimes you just know when you put the right couple together- you know? I used a very sheer chiffon and I hate the muddy look of a facing behind it, so I finished the neckline in bias tape. I also have 70’s flashbacks of Mackenzie Phillips when I see tab roll up sleeves- I kept them long and did a little baby hem.


I’m not totally sold on my decorative button- it will do until the right one comes along tho. I may just brooch up.


Call the minister? Is this the perfect couple? No! I see a dark horse candidate!  This Vogue is still deciding! Date #1 is fine, but not appealing to her more playful side.


Enter Date #2- a stretchy somethin’ meets the same chiffon to make a summer Style Arc Rosie. Her turn ons include movies, trips to the flea market and Jane Austen. Well, Vogue- which blouse will it be? To me this seems like the 2nd choice. It feels too boxy and flopsy and not so flattering. It looks like it’s died on my torso.  It will probably get worn with jeans and a statement pair of turquoise ballet flats. Sorry, Rosie. I’m not more enthused about you than last time. My last one was a hair too tight, so I made a few width adjustments. The other fit, but just felt like it was a bit too friendly with my back fat. I like a hover feeling from my clothes, you knows? This is too hovery. Skipping the back seam gave me additional ease, but left we wanting to shape it more. I don’t think it matches the envelope picture much at all.


See what I mean? I think it’s boxier and less lengthening, you know what I’m getting at? I used a bias edging again, to give it some structure- the crinkly crepe was pretty unstable. See- these dating shows always have to feature one unstable contestant to keep it interesting! I do love that lineny skirt, but maybe it’s wrinklesomeness may also be adding to its lack of outside the closet time! We shall see!


Tune in next time to see a untamable wrap skirt meet her dream date and perhaps have a textile menage a trois with a cardigan with a devilish gleam in its eye!

photo credits: google images, pattern review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Blind Dates and Love Matches in the Textile Hoarding Closet!

  1. OMG! This is something we all should be doing before dragging more fabrics from the stash or making a trip downtown for more fabric…we all have lonely singles that need a partner or be released into a bag for the thrift store…perfect for some Spring cleaning and organizing…a real kick ass posting, Anne! If only I could start getting offers like you…the amount of bust pads I go through for brides in a season…if I could score some free ones, I’d certainly be happy! Or cookies…Thin Mints?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, that would be fabulous!!! ‘Before I show you how to create a 5 point bustle- I’d like to tell you about ‘Merry Pop-ins!’ The bust pads for the happiest occasions…..also my corporate sponsor….cough,cough’

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  2. Elizabeth McAlister says:

    Date one’s companions will certainly be finishing each other’s sentences before you know it, but I wouldn’t rule out date two. It is, as you describe it, standoffish, but isn’t that a trait one seeks in summer romances? Who needs a clingy, cloying relationship when the temperature is in the stratosphere? Then one seeks companions that one is slow to warm to, less inclined to have their arms all around you, that give you a chance to breath.


  3. What a great idea! Although, to be perfectly honest, I have very few pieces of fabric that don’t already have a mate in mind…it’s the sewing of the pieces that I need to get on 🙂 Now that the hands are functioning, well, like HANDS, that will go more smoothly!

    As always…enjoyed your fun post! It’s always a good idea to go through closets and “reassess”. What a perfect time of year to do it, too…! I sure hope you’re not too terribly burdened by your nomination, and that you resist the urge to give up your soul for seam tape 😉 Looking forward to your posts in 2015!


  4. sewbussted says:

    Well, I guess I am in the minority, but I really like that first top on you. But then, what do I know 😉
    Looks like you’re having fun.


  5. Brilliant idea. I have so many orphans and I wish that I could say that I was being true to my crazy inner child and sewing without a plan…. I was just sewing without a single thought in my head and now have cast aside that inner child and am TRYING to sew neutral wardrobe staples. So I am looking on in yearning at your wonderful colourful creations. I am in the midst of navy blue…….

    And congrats on being in the top 900 to one who didn’t even make the cut for the bottom 900.

    Love your matches and Rosie looks fine to me.


  6. Oooh, fun matchups, Dr. Love! You’re a right cupid! I actually like the last pairing, although I think they all work. It would be fun to see it with a black top (boring, I know) so you get the full impact of the skirt… the lines and the stripes look so cool, plus that lime green! Kapow! Love it!

    PS- I’m a runner-up, too… wanna get in a beauty queen-style catfight? It just feels like the right thing to do!


  7. bimbleandpimble says:

    There was this craz-tastic 80s dating show in Australia called perfect match and it featured this little robot called Robbie who showed a heart on his screen. That’s what this new pairing is. 80s robot approved!


  8. Carol G says:

    Well, I will confess to nomming you for Funniest Blogger. Your ‘Wearable Wednesday’ posts alone are a highlight of my week. Did not mean to bring upon you the unbearable slings and arrows of outrageous celebrityhood but you are handling it with your usual aplomb!

    A fan.


  9. nightsdawn says:

    I feel so much better this Monday morning. I thought I was alone with my closets full of wraiths and strays! The open doors reveal a riot of miss-matched colour and pattern.
    I shall stop feeling guilty now, and continue to wing it with my wardrobe!
    Thanks so much for your ever entertaining posts!


  10. Loved the post. I have a strong view (shared with my family, not by my family) that the more clothes I have, the more likely everything will go with everything else. Most of the time this works perfectly so I have very few orphans. What you need is even more clothes and everyone will find their perfect match!

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  11. Oh, I know exactly what you mean! Follow-your-heart sewing leads to a closet full of lonely hearts garments. I wear my black jeans so much I keep thinking I need to make another pair but I don’t want to. I want to sew colors – More stuff that doesn’t go with anything but black jeans.

    I think Date #1 is perfect.


  12. Well, I love the fabric on the bothersome first top! and think the second top looks great! I agree the Style Arc is typically misleading…and too shy. LOVE the skirt!!


  13. That’s a great idea – host a speed date with the contents of your wardrobe- anything that doesn’t get a partner gets bucked out. I really do like the pale green skirt though.


  14. Drat. I obsessively sew with a plan, have a restricted palette so everything goes with each other. But you have much more fun Anne. I love your creations and you do look really good in what you make. The only thing you have ever made that I hated was the grey work pinafore. Everything else say style, fun and drama. You can mix and match really well and you use alot of pattern which many people are rather scared of. We all envy your glamerous lifestyle, kind hearted photographer husband, sweet dogs, individual style and amazing sense of humour. If you get free canned goods as a result of envy, good luck to you.


  15. LOVE this post, Anne. I get so angry at tops that only match black pants or jeans, or bottoms that only work with the aforementioned crazy art teacher getup, like it’s their fault or something. I adore all of the ensembles you created. Wear ’em with pride!!

    Liked by 1 person

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