Wearable Wednesday Gary Graham

I am loving this collection. I want to steal every piece- no. I want to exchange the pieces for a sandwich for the model.


Am I crazy? I really love these fabrics.


I don’t think i could carry this look off- but I want to lure the model to a Taco Bell and steal her clothing!


I know it’s crazy! She’s wearing a zip collar hamster, but I love it!!


Tell me I’m not alone- tell me you want a Romanian floor lamp something or other, too!


Come on starving model, how can you be the saddest cat toy in this fabulous thing???


Look!! It’s like a Gunne Sac funeral petting zoo outfit!!! I’m so smitten!


No, sweetie- hang the drapes- not hang IN the drapes?!


photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Gary Graham

  1. Cheryl says:

    The fabrics are amazing. I love all that clever cutting out, positioning and combination of textures. You can see it would have been a lot of work getting dressed and organising the collection and the model is obviously hanging out for a sandwich,


  2. Hmmm… not all bad. I want to see all of the dress underneath that first coat. The third look is almost normal. I would have worn that skirt about 25 pounds ago. And the stripey fabric in the next to the last pic. Gimme about 4 or 5 yards of that.


  3. Martha says:

    I too love most of those clothes. The textures are rich and the colors don’t compete. And some of the shapes are pretty, I think. I’m especially in love with that first leather coat.


  4. Gorgeous and inventive collection…even the last model, at least she knew enough to borrow the workman’s ladder to show off her dress the best…watch out for nails and screws, sweetie! Imagine this whole collection in your own personal colors!


  5. Some really interesting textures and fabrics here, for sure. Cannot imagine this collection on anyone with a pound more than this model, though! You’d look like a Cossack bundled up to hit the tundra or something…!

    Lots to inspire, though 🙂


  6. These really are gorgeous! The colours and textures and fabric prints, I love it all! I do, however, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the leather and fur though. HATE. Please don’t make me attach a video of how they raise animals for fur coats – I’m talking to you Gary Graham. Boo. Hiss.


  7. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but this is something I’ve read here a lot and it makes me sad each time because you seem like a really nice person. You often make comments about the models being starving, or about how you want to bribe them with food, or other things along those lines. I think it comes across as pretty demeaning and objectifying. There are many women out there who do have these body types, and this kind of food snark can be really cruel to them. When you make those comments, you are attacking the women wearing the designs, not the designs. Is that really what you want to put out into the world?


    • But, I must say, an industry that hires based on desiring this body type is fostering a need for people not naturally this shape to starve for work. I don’t believe that every model is genetically hollow cheeked. Talk to the industry that fosters this extreme- Im not alone in my horror of these womens shapes. There are many body types- lets see a wider representation on the catwalk.


      • If designers made more normal sized clothes, we would not need models who portray “heroin chic” bodies…emaciated to the point we cannot imagine how they can stand up under their own power let alone manage to walk down a catwalk without getting light-headed. Start at the source…the designers…change them…change the models…grown women do not look like skeletons unless there is a demand for them. Six foot tall women should not weigh less than 100 pounds unless they have been been starved for a reason. Designers in the 50’s and 60’s used real models/ex airline hostesses until Twiggy came along and they switched to skinny children to reflect a youthful market.

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      • Oh I completely agree with you, but you’re not attacking the industry here. Your comments are about the women’s bodies, of which you know nothing about. Wouldn’t you think it unkind for someone to make comments about a plus-size body, for example, and insinuate that they’re that size because they must just be eating fast food and watching TV all day? Generalizations about people aren’t kind and aren’t productive. I am all for seeing more body types on the catwalk, but I don’t see how judging/mocking skinny models is showing acceptance for all body types or actually contributing to change in the industry.


        • Im sorry, Im not even going to agree to disagree, I think you are being extreme in your reactions to my posts. You have every right to your opinion and your right to not return here to be offended.


  8. I love this collection too! Leather and those textures and colours – all over it! 🙂 I actually kind of like the Black Crowes vibe I’m getting from both the model and the clothes – it’s refreshing and sort of nostalgic at the same time 😛

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