Wearable Wednesday Suno

Yes, can you show me to your corporate bedding department? M’kay thanks.


Hmm….how many pieces are we?


Am, I crazy? I like this. Perhaps not the ortho sandals tho.


Not crazy enough to like this tho. Back to the pillowcasey vibes.


This is fun and needs armscye adjustments. but then really, what bedding fits right out of the bag?s5

Ooooh- why don’t my post-it notes ever look this stylish?


I like this! Probably not from the back tho.


Ok, Suno, you can come to all of my slumber parties, but you have to bring all the bedding!


photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Suno

  1. All of them are screaming, “Help, I have lost my waist”. They all could be stylish maternity garments and that 4th top and skirt…can anything be more boxy? Or did someone just get a pleater foot they wanted to try out for trims? In the first photo there is a back view of a girl in a light blue outfit that might have been perfect for turn of the century beach bathing!

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  2. sewbussted says:

    For the most part, I really like the collection, but then…it’s early and I may still be dreaming of my bed πŸ˜‰
    I even like the shoes!!!


  3. I like the colour palette, the silhouette and the details on of most of the outfits. Some of them are more wearable than others, but they look like they’re designed for “real’ people.


  4. I don’t know… these all look too much like what I see when I look out my window: mostly gray and white. I need color. I need greens, pinks, yellows, orange, purple and maybe a little blue. Sky blue! Oh yes, that’s a color I haven’t seen in a long time.

    Actually, if I was in more of a gray mood I might like a couple of these fabrics. The print in the baby doll dress with the bad armscyes and the floral in the post-it note dress.


  5. Ok I like , almost, all of these. I wouldn’t want stripes around my waist, the last one is too fluttery for me, the third jacket is too tiny. But I am thinking, I can make a colour block dress with white fabric and striped fabric… I am getting inspired, instead of saying “are they nuts?” Thank you for digging these up!


  6. Haha- post-it notes! You always have an eye for these things. I really like the one you like too, with that short jacket and the pleated trim on the bottom. But I do have a pillowcase that looks like that already.


  7. Someone had a sale on linens…! Once you said ‘pillowcase’, all was lost…lol! That little jacket number reminded me for all the world of those signs people put up that have the little cut “fringe” with phone number written on each piece to you can tear it and go…! Come to think of it, that might be a pretty handy little jacket πŸ™‚ Walking advertising.

    The model with the post it notes skirt looks like she KNOWS she looks ridiculous and is trying not to burst out laughing about it…;)

    Another fun post – thanks for the smile!

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