I’m a big girl, but not a woman?


I’ve been plugging away at my lonely skirt matchmaking project and have some things cut out, but it was feeling like work and you know I am a giddy butterfly that hates such things in my leisure time! So I needed some almost instant gratification- welcome Mccalls 7028. Another pattern that the tech drawing sells it.


The top has a slight mullet to the hem and I made sure that it wasn’t a leggings/crotch view event- cuz thats just wrong, you know? I have to be careful with these styles- I keep thinking it would look lovely with my black floral DMs but that is a ticket to toddler town dressing with leggings if I’m not careful!


The fashion pic is very nice, but none of the hip detail shows at all. They could have at least mocked up the contrast version to give us a hint, right?  Anyhoo. I like it. Hmm…swishy skirted, girly tunic. Of course I love it.  I keep a box of cut out ‘I will love this, make it and shush’ patterns ready for my short attention span to take over. This was in it in a fabric that I’m not sure why I bought- the colors aren’t my go-tos at all. Well, ok, it had tiny hidden Mickeys. What could I do but buy?


This will sound weird, I’m not saying I’m not a big girl, but I need to stop buying WOMENS patterns and just add tweaks to size 20 MISSES. I get swallowed in the added dimensions of a Womens pattern. I think I am a delicately framed fattie. I ended up scaling this down a good bit and tapering it. I have 2 basic alterations I never skip when  I do without a muslin, which I admit, that I rarely do unless it’s a very special fabric, pattern or scarey shape!

1- I angle the upper bodice in to remove a 1-2 inch wedge for my sloping shoulders

2- I remove about an inch from the height of one shoulder

3- Oh, look, I have 3- huh, well, ok, not 2…… I lower the back neckline about 1 inch.

I’ve been told by an industry insider that these are also the standard alterations another superstar uses! I have star quality!



Anyhoo. The angled fancy neckline on this pattern daunted me regarding my tucking of said neckline, so I thought I’d wing it and make a ‘Gauderation’ later. Sure enough, the neckline-  it did gape like a tourist at a nude beach, so I did a cutesy tuck and decorative button recovery.


Other than this- I had no real issues and it is definitely a win for me. An easy to wear work acceptable top that is very comfortable. Now, this is obviously a black pants or leggings moment. But I feel like if I can keep the black to occasional statement piece wearing, I won’t be giving in!

This week my photohusband and I are snot-plagued. These runny eyes will get no photo documentation, so I hope you forgive me for leaving you with Ms Holloways vague charms!


photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

37 thoughts on “I’m a big girl, but not a woman?

  1. I really like this top, and I also hate the leggings/crotch view events. You wear this style of tunic so well. As for sizing, I was surprised that you buy women’s sizes and glad to hear you have found a way to alter the misses size. Get well soon 🙂


    • Im not blaming the hubs- but to keep him busy in the fabric stores, he finds all my patterns for me from my list- I dont always notice which ’20’ he puts in the buggy!


  2. I’m betting once you get past snot junction and model this dress, it will be smashing! The turquoise is the main color and those lines and dots will really sing!


  3. Oh, I love this – model for us! And adore the fabric – I have it too! made little v-neck dress, doesn’t it feel wonderful! And yes, agree on the sizing thing…


    • Sorry if that sounded bad. I meant to empathize with you on the size quandary. As someone on the border of the two size groups according to the charts, I’ve tried both size ranges and just have decided to stick with the Misses range. I’m a huge McCalls fan, so my apologies if that was taken the wrong way. Your top is gorgeous.


  4. As one delicately framed fattie to another, I hear you. I think they call us “crossover” sizes. Whatever, man. I will never understand the enormous jump that happens between some sizes. At some places, I can fit two of myself into an extra large, but can scarcely zip up a large.

    Anyway. A work-appropriate top with Mickey Mice on it? Win!


  5. Great fabric! And hope you feel better soon. 🙂 Ah, the terminology of women’s clothing (and by women here I mean all females — see! confusing.). If they would simply do away with the labels and use numbers like men’s clothing does, how would they confuse us and give us complexes about ourselves? Anyway, glad to hear you figured out the industries game!

    And … well, pardon my ignorance, but what is a leggings/crotch view event? Does this mean wearing a regular shirt with leggings (as opposed to a tunic)?


  6. I couldn’t find any secret Mickey’s, but the fabric is very pretty anyway, and I think it turned out very cute! 🙂 And TBH, I think the neckline looks better with the buttons–it makes it look more intentional than the version on the model.

    As a fellow “delicately framed fattie”, I understand your gentle rage at trying to figure out what size to make up in patterns. I’ve been struggling with that myself, and I’ve got the scraps of paper and shortage of tape to prove it! 😛 Unfortunately, I have no suggestions, other than, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working for you!


  7. I love the asymmetrical neckline and the buttons are a great touch. And you have such a wonderful talent for coming up with words we all needed but didn’t know we needed. Bravo for “gauderation.”


  8. Fabulous tunic / top with lovely fabric. Buttons are a perfect match. Hope you and Mr B recover soon so that you can be dancing through the tulips in this lovely top.


  9. I bet it looks fabulous on – that neckline is pretty sweet; great save, and the buttons are perfect! I chuckled at how black is a ‘statement’ piece for you; that’s awesome – you can’t tell what’s what in my drawers cause EVERYTHING is black haha

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Tyraenna says:

    I hope you’ll come back and add a photo when you feel better. I’m very much in a leggings and tunics mode lately, and this tunic pattern seems to have a ton of promise! I love the button detail at the neckline – nice touch!

    Liked by 1 person

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