Wearable Wednesday Anna Sui

This will be a textile lovesfest for me. Put in your earplugs so my squealing doesn’t deafen you! Come fashionistas- be your own dream sofa!


OK, lets talk about these booties so that we can move on. No. They look like butchered muppets. This model definitely has an ‘yeah, I killed Snuffalupagus, whats it to you?’ Look in her eyes!’s2

Ma’am, your scifi forehead pattern is distracting me from your fab medallion frock?! I’d say it was over-accentuating her cheekbones, but that might anger someone.


Ms Sui, I love you., But even you cannot make me accept adult overalls for anything but Dexy’s Midnight Runners videos and house painting. But on the other hand, a fannypack is an accepted form of birth control for your teen.


Hand over the necklace and boots please. Flashforward to Arendel in 10 years-  Anna got real boho….


Please remove the glam shag so I can admire that dress!!! I mean her coat- the model is not being referred to as a glam shag- no judgements here!s6

Wanda didn’t realize that her Grandmother had intended her tapestry as a wall hanging…


Best. Welding.Uniform.Evah……


No, just no.


Um, is that a bird up there? I need about 5 yards of that fabric- be a dear and fetch that, mmm’kay?


I can’t not show you this…How to Train Your Dragon to sing the music of Godspell.


Photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

24 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Anna Sui

  1. sewbussted says:

    As always, I love it the fabrics. The accessory combos are, well, we’ll say interesting 😉 Your commentary, as always, the best!!!!


  2. Overall a beautiful collection. And then, scrolling down…Fantastic fur collar, bias bound pockets with razor crisp corners, cute zipped pockets–this has a lot of elements for a cute dress. No, it’s a jumpsuit??? Why, oh, why is it a jumpsuit? Did we learn nothing from Gretchen-gate?


  3. Having worn all those hippie fashions the first time around in the 70’s, it just makes me laugh that a designer would bring back ALL the accoutrements like the boots and purses. The fabrics are great but they feel tortured and not used to their best ability. The denim flight suit makes me think she was designing for Amelia Earhart on drugs if she could ever be found. The rest could have been worn by Cher back in the day…I Got You, Babe!


  4. Actually, I think some of these are… kinda okay. Maybe it’s just the fabrics but I really like the “boho” outfit. I don’t quite understand everything that’s going on there though. Is that a slit up the front? With a flower medallion on her knee? Is that part of the dress or part of the tights?


  5. Textile lovefest indeed!! Inspiring texture and pattern combinations – I even like the subtle tribal face paint. I wish I could get away with that in the office, I seriously do LOL. Even Miss Fanny Pack is adorable – look at that face; she’s working it!! LOL.


  6. Snuffalufagus was my fave Sesame Street character–how could she be so cold?! 😦

    I do love those fabrics though–particularly that lovely medallion fabric. I’ll take a few yards in both turquoise and emerald, thanks. 😉


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