Wearable Wednesday Sibling

Present your bowls- I’m about dish out some tasty crazy-


It represents the Empire States Buildings symbiotic relationship with King Kong.


Unlike it’s more famous cousin- the citrus-skunk was less able to ward off attackers.


Souxie Souix joins the Ladies auxiliary


Styling once more by the elite team of Frisky and Patches.


Does this muppet make my thighs look big?


If you look closely, the dress has a hidden suicide note-


‘Let me throw on a cardigan and answer the door’ is the last thing the Minister heard before having his stroke.




HEY, WAIT- I think I have this dress in leopard?!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

36 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Sibling

  1. This designer has taken the concept of “hard and soft” to a new level. Will we all be wearing either furry head-pieces or furry hip-pieces soon? That could be a way out on bad hair days and big butt days! Hoping the minister will make a full recovery from the shock of seeing a naked woman’s chest, or was that a young man, hard to tell with no breasts but then again that’s the way models come these days.Love your commentary as usual!

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  2. sewbussted says:

    The Ladies Auxillary Board outfit had me falling off my chair. I can just see the looks of I showed up in a get up like that. And BTW, get up is the official name of an outfit like that 😉
    Always fun!!


  3. “Tasty crazy” indeed. These are the kind of clothes I would have picked for playing dress-up when I was 5.

    I would wear that first top. With a pair of jeans of course. Panties should not be seen in public.


  4. Tyraenna says:

    This is some crazy stuff. I do give her some credit for trying to start the muppet-wearing trend, though! However, I might have started with something more like Gonzo or maybe Animal.


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