Wearable Wednesday- Creatures of the Wind

Little know facts: Zombie models LOVE tailoring- they are drawn to it.


Peggy casually entered the prison visiting room- smug in the knowledge that her knotted bedsheet ladder had made it past the guards and almost to her boyfriend Vinnie- he was so close to freedom!


Drunks often confused Enid for the bathroom at Studio 54. It was unfortunate for her drycleaner.


Miss Barkley was always trying to find new ways to explain cell division to her students.


Wandas nervous habit of twisting her shirttail when stressed did her no favors at the poker table.


Fiona was always trying to subtley bring her County Fair win into conversations. She was avoided by all the former judges in the grocery store.


Yeah, I’d be pissed off too.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

30 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Creatures of the Wind

  1. Oh, you sneaky gal! The clothes start off normal (though too short for me) but then they get progressively crazier until we get to (OMG! Wear a cami underneath that why don’t you!”


  2. Mary says:

    Who the hell would wear the County Fair Win??? That might be the most bizzare look yet! And that’s saying something considering what you show us every week


  3. sewbussted says:

    I think we should all make a star banner scarf 😉
    I must admit though that I am a little intrigued with the knots. I may need to hunt down this collection for a closer look.


  4. Fiona and her sash reminds me of the early suffragettes marching for the right to vote. The rest of knots and lumps and bumps…what a collection of oddities! Wanda’s poker table blouse reminds me of how kids used to be sent off to school with coins tied into handkerchiefs…anyone else remember that?


  5. Now why would I want bunches of fabric on my chest and hips, etc. to make me look bigger? This designer is forgetting that he is designing clothes for people, not poor little girls with gaps between their thighs! My fav – Fiona with her Country Fair win! I could just SEE me on the bus headed to work in THAT one… At least the driver wouldn’t miss me at my stop! Thank you again for some 😂 photos!


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