How I ruined Spring Break


Once upon a time there was a lovely princess who liked to spend her time going charity work and basically cheering the locals with her presence. She was a simple girl, she liked to be surrounded by chiffon and her personal jester.


Spring break descended and all the court physicians went on noble quests to ski resorts and to do selfless acts at tropical resorts. This left the princess too much time to think. So instead of spinning straw into gaudy, she plotted. She searched the sacred text for things that appealed.


Oh, no, just no. I can’t show that off!


That would be pressing my luck with the pups!


Ok, even I don’t have time for that! Hmm…..Ermagerd!!!!


Oh, yes!!


This is for show of course, I don’t use such things.


Alright, I have the whole weekend and we’re off to Lowes. How long could this take? I like to be in bed by 9 or so and the Scientology docu is on HBO sunday evening. No problem.As you know, nothing is easy. Me B has been trekking to the Lowes so often he is confused for staff- altho he is often more helpful! My one weekend project turned into a week of torture only enlivened by the newly gained knowledge that eating spackle does not kill your dog- it only makes them more stupid. 


I have been in the cycles of hell- paint, touch up, paint ceiling, touch up trim, re edge walls, repeat until you finally paint ‘all work and no play makes Anne a dull girl’ all over every surface. 

Long and painful story short, I went from this strangely pig bellied colored cave:


A color that made putting on makeup impossible! I’d see myself as Audrey Hepburn, but really be Baby Jane Hudson!?


Totally hot, amiright? With more pinterest consult, the ultimate neutral for small windowless spaces that if not for a toilet and shelving could be closets- Courtyard Shadow! Yes, the description of the sculking groundskeeper in a Christie novel is my color of choice!  


Ooh, ahhhhh. Boring. Well, it is what it is. Ok, let’s wrap this up with the fancy reveal! 



I’m not usually a seafarin’ gal, but mermaid librarian prints set the whole thing off:



For the keen of eye, yes, I have one more bit of touch up by the shower curtain, but I will have to get back to that. I owe Ms Holloway some attention. She is cutting her eyes at me! She needs her skirt.


Happy Easter everyone!

Photo credits: pinterest, little me. 

50 thoughts on “How I ruined Spring Break

  1. What darling pictures! Love the calming color and the nautical theme and of course the great lighting…no more Baby Jane for you! The dress fabric is so cool!


  2. Jen (NY) says:

    Good job with the painting, and I like the color. I have been dreaming of such improvements myself, but the energy is seriously lacking over here.
    And wow–may I ask from where you acquired the Japanese print dress fabric?


  3. redsilvia says:

    Such a nice redec job! Now come over and paint my den. I got as far as picking out a remarkable similar paint color (dewberry), clearing out the garage to move the furniture into and then nothing. Blink blink. I cut out a dress and got a mani instead.

    P.s. Love the fabric with the men all over your boobs! Perfection! How do you find such gems?


  4. I love this — so cool and calm and OF COURSE the mermaid librarian theme is tops! May I ask where you found those prints? Amazing. I love the calm blue and black& white mix. You have almost inspired me to face the pain of bathroom renos to get such a lovely final result. We shall see.


  5. bimbleandpimble says:

    Hot damn, that is looking fine – loving the print and the shower curtain! Much much better than the pig belly O_o
    And damn Ms Holloway can be a demanding wench- though that bodice is totes fierce you need a skirt there STAT


  6. Well you may have ruined Spring break but you have certainly resurrected the bathroom. My bathroom desperately needs a makeover – how about dropping by with that spackle? Happy Easter.


  7. Great makeover – so cool and calm, perfect place for mermaids of all persuasions! And I love the fabric on the dressform. And the dress you are wearing in the first pic. Me thinks you’ve been really busy!!


  8. Wow, that turned out really nice. I must be honest, when I saw the gray color card after those gorgeous inspiration photos I thought, “Gray? Really?” but it turned out great – like a professional designer did it, only with more personality.

    And BTW, don’t you just love Valspar’s color names? My kitchen is Summer Wish. (a soft yellow)


  9. pig bellied pink! I have a similar color throughout my new digs. Love the bathroom and good for you for tackling the job. I really, really like the tunic you are wearing in the intro shot.

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  10. Oooh! What a lovely re-do! And I’m glad it’s over so you can get back to having fun! I think I need to swap out the light fixture in our bathroom- it’s a very soft, low light, so I always think my makeup looks pretty until I catch a glimpse of myself in another mirror and realize I look like someone was playing with mommy’s makeup!


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