Wearable Wednesday The Blonds

2015 is the year I start taking my workout seriously!


That Jared Leto- you never know where he’ll pop up!


Sadly for Eunice, the Vatican has little appreciation for theme dressing.


Repeatedly Jasmine begged her mother to wait in the station wagon with Jafaar.


Please can I have this coat? Please?!


Alice liked to think of herself as any parties centerpiece.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

46 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday The Blonds

  1. Oooo! Pretty! Not at all wearable in any world that I know of including the imaginary ones featured on Star Trek (well… maybe on one of those) but I do so enjoy looking at them.


  2. knitgirl23 says:

    Even though all of these are “unwearable” I did enjoy the bright colors and all the bling. Though Froggie says I should rethink the nude floral bodystocking. He thinks it would work for grocery shopping.


  3. I know I’m crazy but I kind of love this collection, and I also kind of want that grey hooded onesie at the beginning… although I’d probably pair it with some safe black trousers LOL


  4. I like the Catholic vibe with crucifixes and Madonnas but you would surely be doing lots of penance for wearing them! Those blue high boots are really something!


  5. The coat is sharp…but the rest…holy halibut. That is all. It’s a bling fest. I totally blame CHANEL for this…imitation is not always flattering.

    Dying to know how much those blonde Jasmine braids weigh…!

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  6. Did you Photoshop the second model???? It really does look like a man!

    Anyway, my favorite is the Vatican look — it’s totally unwearable, but as art it is beautiful. Really also like the use of flowers and pastels throughout … think the designer should have stuck with that and left the Bejeweled designs out of the lineup.


    • I need to google ‘who buys Blonds?’ But I’m afraid I will end up on a list with the govt!
      Pretty sure there were several male models in the show- I tip my bonnet to them/- that’s a lot to pull off!

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  7. Ah, Alice, you’re late for your gig next to Kathy Selden as one of the Coconut Grove Coquettes. I know YOU were the one who wanted to pop out of the cake, but such is life, right?


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