Wearable Wednesday Guilietta

Ok, I think we have found some inspiration  here!  Check out this bodice:g2

Am I crazy? Is this special? Am I just shoe dazzled?


Yes, please. Pattern placement making me very inspired!


This tailored retro uniformy thing is really working for me! Anyone else?


Look. At. This.Coat!


Squint in at this little hip detail! Even if it gives her polterwang, it’s still good!g5

I’m so enamored of these shapes that I can even forgive a bibbed James Brown onsie!


I even want the designers outfit! Take my pulse- Im way too happy about all this!!g7

photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

30 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Guilietta

  1. I see what you mean- there are some lovely style lines here [and I had to stop and work out the polterwang, you bad girl!] And it’s nice to see models that look like they eat meals…and some have BOOBS!!!


  2. Effortless and elegant…you bet they will not sell! Why would a designer think that women want to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time AND wear flattering shoes? Now all we need/want is for Vogue to offer these as patterns…that will never happen while we are on this Lagenlok trend with uneven hemlines and baggy nastiness. The model wearing the coat has a slight sly smile knowing that after the show she will sneak that coat out the back door!


  3. Wow. A Wearable Wednesday featuring clothes that are actually wearable. I was feeling a little disoriented at first.

    BTW, I had to Google polterwang to see if it was a real word. It is!


  4. Wow. These are chic and beautiful. I bet she does a lot of business. This collection is gorgeous! And I echo Mrs. Mole: Vogue needs to get on this designer’s bandwagon. Lovely!


  5. The designer’s dress is my fav…! Some interesting shapes, great shoes, and at least I’m not cringing throughout! Not a huge fan of the raglan type sleeves as I don’t find them flattering on most women, but the design lines are interesting in many of these! One to watch, for sure! THIS is the kind of ‘designer’ pattern Vogue needs to trot out…! Enough with the random hemlines, baggy shapes, and unflattering weirdness that currently passes for ‘designer’…!


  6. Yes! Mainly positive thoughts here. A little unsure about the onsies, but at least they look svelte over 99% of the model. I’m off to draft bodice 1.


  7. Morgan says:

    Loving the Coat, a good find pnp
    Re patterns with some similar design lines – have a look over on Lekala. There are quite a few that lend themselves to this look.
    Vogue and lagenlook -roll eyes, tsk, tsk, or perhaps just Vogue and oceans of ease – roll eyes and sigh

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  8. Loved the designer’s dress. Except for the coat, the outfits had some weird bagging near the crotch, which I find distracting. Also some wrinkling in the bodice too so maybe just the way the model is swinging her hips?


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