Wearable Wednesday Faith Connexion

I need to know what the photographer said to these models.




No! Like you have no bones at all!


Now Chicken dance like it will cure cancer!


BE the Hot, sexy preying mantis at a disco!


Pose like you are passing a kidney stone…of ennui!


Show me: Your stepmother just ran off with your weed dealer!


Show me: Semi-repentant shoplifter of fate!


Now, seduce your enemy with  je june!


Now run thru a glitter sand storm to save a chupacabra!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

55 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Faith Connexion

  1. OMG I actually like a lot of this- me and the wife are currently channelling our punk/goth past into some new wardrobe additions…this will all go into the inspiration melting pot. The poses are nasty though [even NARSTY] especially the sexy mantis. Ew. I’l have dreams about that….

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  2. He told them to go to the back room where there was a box of clothes meant for the thrift/charity store and put on more layers until they couldn’t stand it. Who wants to look like this in public?


  3. knitgirl23 says:

    I need to clean my eyes after those poses. Doesn’t this count as model abuse. Surely we can file a class action suit in there name and deliver some sandwiches.

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  4. splendidcakes says:

    Before stepmother ran off she did buy her a blouse in a lovely fabric- can’t tell if the shape is good of course… Preying mantis girl’s pose is truly disturbing and offensively like mocking a physical disability.


  5. Is that chain mail in the second picture? I kinda like the sequin top in the third pic… I’ve seen people walking around certain parts of town dressed like this. Complete with bedhead.


  6. good stuff – love the poses, and the commentary ^_^ Grungy oversized clothes NEED fluid movement in order for them to look at all attractive, so it was a necessary thing to do in this case πŸ˜‰


  7. Please not slashed jeans again! Please not attempting to look like you’re so emaciated you have a premature dowager’s hump again.Please not tied up in grubby oversize thrift shop shirts like you’ve been waylaid by a bunch of exuberantly inebriated fumbling destitutes again.


  8. Carol G says:

    Urg, Don’t mind some of the clothes but makes me glad that some localities are outlawing anorexic models. The real praying mantis probably has limbs bigger around than his imitator.

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  9. Praying mantis girl – looks SO disturbing. Double jointed shoulders or something. It makes me hurt. Owie.
    (Autocorrect displayed “Praying manure”. Lol gotta love it.)
    The inside out coat is kinda cool. I’ll have to remember that style idea!


  10. Genius.

    The clothes? Meh. I like the first look a lot but those who were alive when Nirvana first came out have seen this before.

    The commentary? I gave up trying to imitate you. You’re better than I’ll ever be… πŸ™‚


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