Vogue 1152 and the reluctant model

So today I had a meltdown with my photog. See? I’m just like the poor models I feature weekly. I suffer. I suffer mightily.

But first, let me say that In the last two weeks I have sewn like it would make the gaudy unicorn of my soul come alive and let me ride it to the cavern of endless gelato. We all have our dreams, maybe you find mine silly, but world peace has its goofy aspects too, I’m sure. I’ve been thinking summer and work and how I can mesh them safely. I finally made Vogue 1152   and I want to pull out my obviously dyed hair when I think of how long i had it as a bench warmer and never put it in the game!?  I love it!!! I was afraid of that gathered area in the front and I’m not totally sold on piping, so I only did 2 piping lanes. Look at my adorable Betsey Johnson necklace! Sorry, distracted by my own bright shiny objects for a minute there.


Ready for my list of changes?

Why is there a side zip in a dress with an elastic back insert? Forget that zipper. I say no. I also tried to give this a bit more of a high/low mullet thing. Mulletts are way friendly to the seated worker. The back is not in the way and the front doesn’t puddle up in your lap and lose stray m&ms while you work. Ah, the things I know.

Here’s Quasimodo heading for the belltower, secure the children!


I also am a silent sufferer of FFFD. Yes, I have Fatally Floppy Facing Disorder and if I fool with one too long in a silky material I have to take medication. It’s true. I have a special parking permit for it. Don’t judge me, be encouraged by my honesty and brave use of self bias. Please note that once more Vogue thinks I want full rib cage exposure. I raised this one 2 inches and will still be exhibiting major tank top yardage. Whats up with that Vogue?


Can you tell I’m trying to grow my hair out like my favorite demure blossom, Carol? So I have to go thru shaggy to get to wispy. Yup. Rough hair times ahead. I’m thinking I’ll look more like Darryl for a few weeks.


Ok, I really like this top/tunic business and I must say, I am on the look out for more fabric to play with for this. I love this print, but its diagonal EKG pattern makes it look like it’s pulling at bust and lower back and I swear it isn’t. I am truly comfy in this- and felt really good until the picture taking started?!


Ok, now- my meltdown. My husband takes beautiful pictures. He can see beauty in the most dilapidated structures and and overgrown locations. So he’s perfect for documenting little me, right?


No. He is so mindful of the technical aspects that he freaks me out! I get so tense and uncomfortable when he runs a photo shoot like a NASA mission launch.Honestly, if the flash doesn’t go off, I expect him to scream ‘Abort! Abort!’ and dive under the car. It doesn’t make me feel pretty. You know? It’s really the only time that we are not totally on the same page. All my internal prepping to face a camera is out the window in the face of his sighing and looking at me like he is taking CSI pics and can’t fit my tortured entrails and the little cones completely in the shot. Maybe we both need to drink before and during the shoots. Whats focus really matter anyway, right? Just use your imagination! What are your tips for taking pictures when you really just don’t feel it?


photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images

74 thoughts on “Vogue 1152 and the reluctant model

  1. I’ve taken to enlisting my off-spring for photo taking duties as my spouse has a way of making me feel more self-conscious that I thought humanly possible. And I get self-conscious when it’s just me, the tripod and the timer.
    You look fabulous as always!


  2. sewbussted says:

    You weren’t the only one distracted by the pretty fairy, I immediately stopped reading and enlarged the picture. Very pretty and shiny indeed šŸ˜Š
    Some of our worst arguments have been over taking pictures. You are not alone!
    Cute top!!


  3. My DH is good about taking pics, no arguments there. But I usually end up with *lots* of pics of T&A… He has many talents, but is notoriously challenged when it comes to photography. Perhaps you can ply the hubs with his adult beverage of choice – or two – prior to the shoot?

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  4. So…I had to kindly relegate my husband to photo shoot bodyguard, instead of photographer. His dad was a professional photographer, so he’s very big into angles and shooting really quickly, and I’d inevitably get 500 photos of me looking like a hungover hobgoblin from a really artsy angle. I’ve bought a tripod and remote and we’re all much happier for it. He chats with me, and writes emails on his phone, while I smile and take the pictures with a button.

    Also this dress is fantastic. I love that underbust detailing and those fab sleeves. It’s so great on you!


  5. I’ll join you in the gelato cave too (although it is heading into winter here so maybe hot sticky date pudding cave)…

    Love your tunic and I have SERIOUS fabric envy. That is just gorgeous and perfect match for your tunic. Fabulous.

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  6. You look every bit as gorgeous in this as I thought you would when you showed the in-progress pictures! šŸ™‚ And I lost it at: “Please note that once more Vogue thinks I want full rib cage exposure. I raised this one 2 inches and will still be exhibiting major tank top yardage. Whats up with that Vogue?” LOL! Burda thinks that quite often too. šŸ˜‰

    I hope you two can work through the photographer problems and come to some sort of agreement. He always takes great pictures of you that look fun, and with your hilarious commentary it makes for a great team effort. šŸ™‚

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  7. The fabric and pattern are a perfect match despite the front extra cleavage view…I have tunic pattern envelopes that have camisoles drawn in…really? Hey Vogue, is it too hard to bring the neckline up above the bust line? Since I don’t know who that woman is with the darling haircut, I’ll just wait and see what you can do with your future hair. Your tunic just looks so comfortable and the colors are great with your skin!


  8. This came out great. I just received this pattern in the mail from ebay today! My other half was out of town this past weekend and I got MIL to take pics of my most recent make and they were all unusuable. Lukcily she had bought SIL who took a couple of good pics (in between her kid and mine photobombing and me stressing about running out of battery and memory card……..)


  9. I really like this outfit on you A. Everything about it is nice, and it’s comfy too. Perfect.

    As for photographers I think you are generally very lucky with your husband’s involvement and artistic eye. The pictures on your blog are really special (nothing wrong with these pictures either with their subtle green paintwork). Like Penny I dumped the spouse and resorted to the offspring who come along with girlfriend, sister, baby, bacon and eggs and make themselves at home in my house for a couple of hours – all in exchange for a few pictures….

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  10. bimbleandpimble says:

    Oh, hullo sailors! What is the go with Vogue and the super low cut bodice effect? Loving this colour on you, sassy lady šŸ˜€ I bribe my husband with beer to get blog photos and deliberately goof around to be an extra PITA about it (who am I kidding- those raptor hands take HOURS of lighting set up and work)


  11. Love this top! My DH is the only one who can get half realistic pics of me and I get presented with 4 or 5, so I shudder to imagine all the 1000s of others that are discarded as he protects my fragile ego! And his eyes light up far too brightly at your DH’s derelict scenes – NO, I will not sew a CSI outfit….


  12. Anne, I came back to say how lovely you look in this tunic. The fabric is really quite pretty. I’m with you on the neckline, and a cami adds to the heat in the summer.


  13. That looks great. I don’t know if I could deal with having layer two tops. Maybe for the two days in the spring in between “I swear I’m going to freeze to death,” and “Holy heck! Who set the oven to 800 degrees and opened the door?” And I love the necklace too.

    My husband is exactly the opposite with the camera. He wants to hurry up and get it over with so he can get back to his guy things. Click, one pic and gone, so most of my “fashion photos” are taken by a tripod and the camera’s timer, which is why they are always so awful.


  14. Love this top! Your fabric is just stunning. I have this pattern- thanks for reminding me about it and the tip on the neckline! I always enjoy your photographs- you and your hubby have managed to make it look fun, even if it isn’t! Your backdrops are always so creative. I vote to keep him!


  15. No one else is allowed to touch my fancy camera and lens (aside from the professional photographer I work with), so on my own with a tripod and remote. Instead of the remote, sometimes I set my camera so the shutter clicks off automatically every 3-5 seconds for a few minutes. (I have heard that holding a pose more than three seconds can make it look forced.) I also downloaded an app for my phone called Posing App, which helped a lot with making more attractive poses. Other than that I take a LOT of photos. If a professional photographer in a well-lit studio, working with a professional model and assistants, takes at least 100 photos to get The One…imagine how many us plebs need to take!

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  16. I was just looking at this pattern the other day. I remember sewing it up for DD1, and radically adjusting the CF – a good 3 or four inches, if I remember correctly – for modesty’s sake. I love your version. The fabric is TDF! And I feel your photography pain. Which is why I take 50 or so for each successful photo using the self-timer setting on my camera. I get to smirk and contort in private instead of freezing in front of DH (or anyone else, for that matter). Did I mention that I love your version of this? Gorgeous.


  17. This dress is all sorts of amazing. The fit, your changes, THE FABRIC. I want it in my closet. I cannot adequately express the degree of my admiration. And thank God you were able to beat this case of FFFD…that’s the worst.


  18. From one short hair to another – you suit your new style! Keep it and love it. You dye it!?!!??
    This Vogue looks fab (even if you don’t like the pics). Be assured, each one of us who has the courage (or stupidity) to post pics of ourselves for public viewing we share your pain and it always, always takes 20 shots to get one good one! Mind you, the drinking beforehand might just make a difference!!! Keep the hair, keep the Vogue and get more fabric……..

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  19. I love the shape of the dress on you and the colours too! I’m good friends with the remote, my boyfriend calls me a narcist if I want him to take more than 3 photo’s šŸ˜¦


  20. The whole photo thing is a nightmare! I too have been sewing like crazy but am not posting because of the photo part. But this is what I’ve decided. I am going to shoot them all on the dummy!!!!!! They look better on her anyway! Love this outfit. It looks great on you and the colours are lovely. Jane


  21. Oh man, our photo shoots are super annoying… my husband shoots as fast as he can (like, done in 2 minutes) and there’s always something weird going on with my hair that he doesn’t notice. Plus, no photo session is complete without my old Sicilian neighbor coming outside to stare at the goings-on. I have to try my hardest not to grit my teeth!

    But, the dress! She’s a keeper! I really like the piping- it’s a cute detail!


  22. My tips? Well my blog’s radio silence for weeks at a time might give you the clue that i don’t, in fact, have any way of dealing with the fact that I hate having my picture taken, and that my partner and I are also not on the same photography page LOL. If you come up with anything, let me know! ^_^

    I do love this make, and I also like the fact you omitted the side zipper… what is up with that anyway? Even on garments that kind of need one, I really really hate them LOL. I’d rather risk stretching a seam than pinching underarm flesh in metal teeth… ugh LOL


  23. I’m all about the remote timer. J used to take my pictures but it became very awkward. I take my photos with a tripod and remote, edit out a handful I like and then delete all the evidence off our computer. Love the fabric you used. And yes, side zips in knit tips are totally useless.

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  24. Poppet says:

    I know this is an old post and I don’t know you from Adam but, for me, this is the perfect sewing blog (and, yes, this post is really about me, even though I’m talking about you.) I don’t think you need to change a thing, bad photography or not. Your pictures are often hilarious, but practical enough in that they show the bits I want to see without putting a fantasy gloss over everything. I roll my eyes hard at some of these bloggers who end up vogueing in the middle of the street. I want to yell, “The road is for driving!” But seriously, all the filters and stuff is just distracting. I often eyeball them for signs of Photoshop trickery (liquified body parts, vertically stretched heads…) It takes away from the reason I’m there in the first place: to judge whether the pattern is worth making for an actual human body, not a 9 heads tall figure model. Despite the grumpy faces, I think the things you sew are supremely flattering and that says more about your sewing skills than some perfectly lit and posed shot!


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