Wearable Wednesday Agonovich

This is what happens if you fuse Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter together:


The perfect thing for napping at work- a suit that turns into a duvet!


I’m sorry- the hat just makes it too much.


Mercy Pete- where is her other leg????


Oh, dear….I actually really like this?!


Ma’am- you forgot to smile with your eyes….


Corporate Game of Thrones


If she isn’t careful, she’ll need the matching eye patch!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

24 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Agonovich

  1. Couture or costume? The word “volume” comes to mind in looking at those jackets and I’d love to see them unbuttoned to get an idea of the weird shapes they started out like. I think Helena and Tim did have a part to play in the first 3 garments along with a little Vivienne Westwood tossed on for the plaid one.


  2. I agree with Mrs Mole – there is a nice VW vibe going on here. I like some of the elements, the pointy bits and the corset shapes, but overall it’s overwhelming. Also I think the mixture of grey textures is a bit too obvious and does lend itself to your great Corporate Game of Thrones comment. The best one is the matching eye patch. Funny girl.


  3. sewbussted says:

    The Buton/Carter comparison is spot on. Would
    love to see the 2of them work the collection. Just a little tweaking and it would be a very wearable
    Collection for the rest of us.


  4. #1–You’re strangling the (10th) Doctor! I really like the volume in the brown cowl contraption…you’d defy the strongest wind in winter for sure.
    By the way–thank you for these posts. It always feels like a Wednesday treat!


  5. Leigh Ann says:

    I actually like these. (Help me?) There’s a weird Victorian/Japanese/outer space thing going on, but I like the emphasis on the waist in some of them–mainly the waistcoat ones, but even the origami looking ones have it to an extent. (But HOW do they put those on? I can see the poor models thinking, “Okay, here’s the button. Where the heck is the buttonhole?!)


  6. Well, the Tim-Helena reference got me laughing this am! haha! The first 3 you can keep – I hate the shoulders in the jackets – but the rest of them could be fun to wear. I love that delicious brown button cowl thingy just for the colour. So interesting! Thanks, Anne!


  7. Well I do like the pointy ends on the vest. That’s one thing! The baggy pants (or is it a coat bottom?) remind me of a lady at work, a part time student with no money and unable to sew, she cuts her pants’ (or is it a coat?) hems off with scissors and just leaves them. I will have to tell her she is wearing an original “Agonovich”. She will be happy! Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter indeed! 😂


  8. Wow, amazing! I love the way the fabric looks like it’s in motion but still so sculptural 🙂 I definitely love the same one as you: that copper fabric is incredible, and I adore the combination of that soft shape next to the crisp black vest/corset thingy ^__^

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