Wearable Wednesday Markus Lupfer

Today we will be speaking directly to one of Marcus Lupfers models! Modelling is often a career passed down in families- our model is no exception- her great-grandmother was a print model for Beatrix Potter. Please meet Flop-Z.


I can’t believe I’m being interviewed for Womens Wear Daily!

Ahem, Flop-Z, it’s actually Wearable Wednesday.

Well, crap. Did the check at least clear? My agent is toast for this.

Can we discuss the collection a bit?

Fun sneakers, sullen models and ME. enough said.


Can we discuss the rich textures interplaying with basic, barren shapes-

I’m not in this picture. Whats to talk about- move on.

Ok, ok.

This is much better- I’m doing a much better job than the other so called model! Look at my RBF- perfection! No one does Resting Bunny Face like Flop-Z!


Oh, this brocade is so-

Hey! Look at me in this one! Look how thin my ears look- I am noted in the industry for my flawless ear-gap. No one can top my swagger in the ear-gap department. It’s also natural- not like that Kottentail show off who married a rapper.


This is a tough industry, how do you stay grounded?

I mentor other young models. These 2 on the right are very new- I had to gently tell one of them to put down her e-cig for the picture. Imagine!  One must give back to the industry- but not too much- these models can turn on you! I learned that from a certain wannabe that has obviously stolen my brow game.


Are the rumors of rivalries and model hazing true?

Sadly, yes- it happens all the time- I have to put upstarts in their place- Bitch got a hand full of Flop-Z’s personal good & plenty in this picture- she’d been squeezing my tail all shoot and I was not taking any more!


I can see why you are so popular in the industry- the camera loves you- may I ask- do you get whisker highlights?

This interview is over.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owner.

37 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Markus Lupfer

  1. The best ever interview! Who knew bunnies had such issues! But the dresses…they all look stiff and flat chested like the models…maybe that is the magic and genius of the designer…the juxtaposition of hard and soft and knitted hats and flower sunglasses?


  2. Flop Z, you truly suffer so much for art. I’m glad there’s other bunnies that have your back. Really though, I love the texture of these metallics–all of these clothes are really actually wearable.


  3. Clothes? There were clothes? Oops…Flop-z tots stole the show πŸ˜‰

    Ah, the clothes…basic shapes (Did I make one of these back in the 70s?) and what’s with all the turtlenecks and heavy sneakers? Interesting fabrics, but MEH.


  4. Ha ha ha. One of your best. The juxtoposition of the adorable bunny with the sad girl is just hilarious. Ear gap!!! Peter Rabbit’s great, great, great (etc) grand babies. Ha ha ha.


  5. I’m not gonna lie to you here, I didn’t even look at the clothes – or the models, just bunny bunny bunny – how cute is Flop-Z? ^__^ I will take ten bunnies please! πŸ˜€


  6. The black and white dress/tunic is pretty. The shoes are ugly but better than open-toed sandals and ankle socks. Is the model even out of grade school? perhaps the others were all allergic to the bunnies?


  7. Jenny says:

    Love your interview with Flop-Z She’s (?) a mega star and just a tiny bit diva-ish. I spent most of the interview mentally mispronouncing her name though. Being English I was thinking Flop- zed, I twigged eventually πŸ™‚
    I never understand why the photographers think putting their clothes on such miserable looking girls would encourage anyone to want to look like them? Perhaps it’s distraction technique – double distraction with the fluffy bunnies!


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