Wearable Wednesday Undercover

Winged Bridesmaid of the Damned


And now- the celebrated Dance du Canopy Bed-


Harriet the extremely stylish spy.


Psst- stop staring at her knees- it’s rude!


Shorty bowling blazer?


It is now officially the 500th time I have typed ‘what is that thing on her crotch’ while writing a Wearable Wednesday. We’ll have cake later.


Ok, I am totally onboard with the baseball jacket craze now.


Dragon with a parachute? A siamese cat with 2 umbrellas? Aerial view of Kittyhawk? A schooner?


The Bolshoi never appreciated Vernoique’s more modern routines.


Meet me at the party-

How will I find you among the crowd?

Oh, you will….


What the what?


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owner.

42 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Undercover

  1. I love some of those fabric prints, but I don’t understand what’s going on in the first picture – is that a button placket painted on her chest?!


  2. Morgan says:

    it’s what happens when you raid the dressing up box or a demonstration of innovation by forced connections brainstorming.
    … anyone catching the vibe with the leg jewellery / decoration, holey socks? An alternative use for those cardmaking shape cutting dyes perhaps. Okay, okay, getting my coat …

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  3. I’m with Morgan…leg jewelry, holy legwarmers…and what is with the huge cherries on the runway and cherries on the toes of the shoes and the parachute motifs on the fabric. It seems to be a very bad dream.


  4. I like the yellow baseball jacket outfit but what are those winged things. Not saying I wouldn’t like them; I can’t resist a novelty print.


  5. Leigh Ann says:

    “aerial view of Kitty Hawk…”, “How will I find you among the crowd?”
    I laughed out loud.

    That pattern is on the yellow dress, too. What IS it?

    And what is with those leggings? I bet it takes a long time to put them on.


  6. OK, you know that stuff is too tight when it’s strangling the thighs of a model! I do quite like a couple of these. The first one is kinda cute in a strange way, and the leather vest without all the feathers is pretty cute. *hides*

    It’s a very strange “collection” though. Surely no one is stupid enough to pay designer prices for jeans with straight up holes in the knee. Nothing like paying thousands of dollars to look like a hobo.

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  7. ” ‘what is that thing on her crotch’ ” Alien probe. Obviously. They’re concerned about environmental changes on the African savannah, just keeping an eye out for us.

    😉 Actually looks a lot like Bosch. And i do love the bell-shaped midis in the novelty prints. But then i’m making a black eyelet bustled petticoat as we speak – consider the source!

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  8. I am literally laughing out loud today (oops its Thursday already). Fabulous commentary on a brilliant collection. Harriet the spy is cool. And the modern ballet outfit. But I like knees and nipples best – and her toffee apple!


  9. ugh not a fan of this collection – too bad, too, as some of the little jackets have potential, but the fabric choice makes me cringe – i do like that blue feathered mask though 😛


  10. I. Just. Can’t.

    What IS this mess? Yet another in the long, long list of more money than (fashion) sense…! From tortured souls prints to weird plastic cutouts used as leg covers, it’s just too darn ‘OFF’ for me!

    My favorite piece is “Veronique’s” fringed lampshade-as-skirt number with all the feathers. Apologies to any fowl that lost their lives so that this could be created…!

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