Lisette, you woo’d me again

Lisette and I- we have a little thing. We are so cozy together. My favorite blouse I’ve made 4 times in varying levels of gaudy is a Lisette Continental. It’s my go-to for  a comfy top I can dress up or down.


I have 2 Diplomats-


I have a Portrait in a bad fabric choice!


I made a portfolio so long ago that I can’t even find it! 4 more Lisette babies including a jacket a dress and 2 tunics. When I like, I like strong, you knows?

So much like when  your favorite beautician, the keeper of the flame color as it were, whispers that she is going to be under a different sign, you grab your toweling and follow!


Lisette is with Butterick now. Small distinction I suppose, Big 4 is Big 4, right? Well so much is my love of this gal, I saw the name on the envelope top on a counter display and grabbed them up like penny candy. This jacket 6169 has gotten much love lately, but the dress was my focus.


Hmm- tunicy, it has those oddly placed marsupial pockets sure to be useless for phone storage, but it has a nice slim line and fun shoulder detail. It is also a 1 episode of Mr Selfridge and 2 episodes of Married at First Sight sew. Yes, I still count sewing room time in episodes. This week I hemmed a pair of pants for a friends daughters first work uniform. She asked how much, I thought about how many things I watched and charged her my 30 minute sitcom rate.

Now, today will be an adventure. I plan to try out the camera timer. I don’t think the husband really believed I wanted to try taking pics myself. I think he just thought I was lapsing into one of my episodes of ‘chore tourettes’ I get when its the weekend.

‘did you move the stuff off the deep freeze?’

‘did you move the stuff off the deep freeze?’

‘did you move the stuff off the deep freeze?’

‘did you move the stuff off the deep freeze?’

‘did you move the stuff off the deep freeze?’

‘did you move the stuff off the deep freeze?’

Usually he just nods at me sympathetically, wishing there was a medication to take away my suffering and make me stop repeating myself. So not to embarrass me during these times of such an obvious issue on my part, he ignores these noises coming from my face. Ain’t he swell? Husband Chore Tourettes- lets work for the cure, ladies.

‘Did you locate the camera remote? I’d like to use it….’

‘Did you locate the camera remote? I’d like to use it….’

‘Did you locate the camera remote? I’d like to use it….’

‘Did you locate the camera remote? I’d like to use it….’

‘Did you locate the camera remote? I’d like to use it….’

‘Did you locate the camera remote? I’d like to use it….’

Ok, after a 5 minute tutorial and then 3 seperate refresher sessions that involved heavy sighing form him and  solemn vows from me that ‘THAT IS NOT THE BUTTON I PRESSED!!! WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT IT????’ I have realized that this is just not as easy as I thought. I present my craptastic photos.

Series 1, a study is camera placement:


Series 2-  why is it falling? Get out of the frame, Bruderlein?!


Series 3- ‘No- wait- CRAP?!’


Fine. I’ll just throw it on Ms holloway and show you the fun details of this one:


Sigh…..maybe next time I’ll get a full body shot.

photo credits: pattern review, little me, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

40 thoughts on “Lisette, you woo’d me again

  1. I’m sure famous photographers all started off this way minus the dogs, of course. We will all be here waiting for a real full length shot when Mr B gets done sulking and saying, “I told you so”. I too time my evening work by episodes of programs I have recorded…who watches TV without some sort of sewing in their hand or under the presser foot? Ladies are masters of multitasking!

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  2. Great ceiling fan shot, I giggled so violently that the cat has retreated to a safe distance. It does get easier. I’m still experimenting with camera height, camera distance and not flinging the timer remote over the fence in a vengeful fury.


  3. Linda says:

    lmao! Awesome, looks like a lovely dress- and series 2 picture with the fan and Bruderlein is classic! I listen to podcasts/audiobooks so can’t relate to the TV, but appreciate it all the same!


  4. bimbleandpimble says:

    I like your abstract photography approach- it is catching the ennui of the seamstress hard at work in her new frock… I had a similar experience when I tried to use the remote and in the end instituted a beer for photo mesh payment plan with El Husbando. He’s happy, I’m actually in photos, and sometimes I get a beer. Everyone wins!

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  5. Oooo paisley! Paisley can never be a bad fabric choice. My favorites in this post though, are the top in the first picture and the dress you were trying so heroically to photograph.


  6. Love your behind the scenes photoshoot! Ha! I have a similarly helpful “helper”, though mine is two legged and not furry. From what I can tell, it looks like a win for you, so can’t wait to see the full shots. 🙂

    My camera takes bursts of shots–I think it’s like 6 every 3 seconds or something. Once I set the tripod up (I use a sticky note on the wall to stand in front of and focus the camera on) I allow myself two sets of those bursts, and then I’m done, whether they look good or not. If they’re too bad I just use the dressform, but I usually get the point across, albeit not “beautifully”. 😉


  7. hahahahaha! Poor thing! 🙂

    You know, the second time I made the jacket I took a closer look at the dress and thought, WOW, that is a nice dress! I think you’ve convinced me further!

    It looks great and the fabric is just perfect.


  8. says:

    Anne, at least you were willing to try taking your own photos. Most of us would NEVER do that. And, your assistant was very forth coming in his furry helpfulness.


  9. My favorite is the cleavage shot! (The one with the blurry doggy in the background.) Love the choice of fabric. Reminds me of an Anna Sui feature in a very old issue of Vogue Pattern mag.

    I hardly ever command MR to be the photographer. Mostly because I can’t pose / compose without a mirror. So for me it’s always timer + either mirror behind the camera on tripod or smartphone screen on selfie mode standing in for the mirror. When it’s mirror-camera combo I set it up so I that can see the camera LCD screen in the mirror. Helps cut down the unintentional cropped shots!

    Having said that I do still love all your ‘action shots’! Most definitely bring the dress to life!


  10. Yes, I really relate to the self timer failures too. Had to go back, hat in hand, chin on chest, to my photographer after many a chopped head, blurred pic, Dress is looking great (from what I can see). And the Lisette love is obviously reciprocated.

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