Wearable Wednesday Olympis Le-Tan

Agnes couldn’t put her finger on why the Human Resources manager hadn’t just gone ahead and done the interview today.


Ms Wentzy was never asked to chaperone the 8th grade dance again.


Aw, damn- ain’t this cute?


I can’t stop smiling- it’s hurting my face! I want a whacked out Columbine shopping outfit!


Just popping out to the grocery store-


Where is Blair Waldorf when you need her?


A crotch proscenium! What a subtle way to say you like role playing!


Saving the best for last:


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owner.

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Olympis Le-Tan

  1. My computer scrolls slowly these days.It lingered some time over the first jacket before the big reveal. Mostly downhill from there. Draw the curtains on the last one please.


  2. Ms Wentzy has way more issues that one person can handle. Why do all these clothes look like they were designed for Helena Bonham Carter? Themed fabric prints with dancers just don’t do it for me.I’m with Jay…draw the curtains on the last one! Who knew feathered hats would be the style?


  3. There are some pieces throughout that I like – the first jacket (but oh Gawd! Put on some PANTS please) the skirt in the Columbine outfit (with at least an added 12 inches for me) the blouse in the next photo and the blouse in the next to the last photo – but like you said, the collection as a whole needs to be de-gimmicked.


  4. I love the olive green leather shirt and gloves. And the ribbon-tied shoes!!! And I’d be happy to take a book clutch anywhere. As weird as this all is, I like the collection’s whimsy. And it’s nice to see a model smiling.


  5. You know, the one you think is cute is probably just because the model is smiling and looks adorable with her jaunty little hat (which I totally want one of those hats now!). She’ll probably never get another modeling contract because of the smile though.

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  6. The green top with pink skirt is seriously fugly and it doesn’t fit the model at all. Most of the outfits don’t seem to fit well which is hardly a selling point – unclear to me who the target audience is – ballerinas with a passion for Wuthering Heights?


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