Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson

Ok,this is making me a little queasy. How about I focus on the grey boots in the front row- those are fabulous!


I think JW’s mom never got him the big box of crayons.


Now Missy- you march right back into the den and hang those drapes back up- you are sooo grounded!


Wanda’s movers are never getting their blankets back .


Squeak-squeak Squeak-squeak Squeak-squeak Squeak-squeak


Is that a whoopie cushion wristlet?


Fionas mother guarded her chastity with a drawstring and a symbolic screenprint.


Um, yeah……

jw8The models look like they are having trouble walking in the clothing- it does look sticky.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owner.

21 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson

  1. While all the outfits look hot and “squeaky” (great word!) my eyes were mesmerized by the boots. Am I wrong to think that each one had an old bicycle bell on the outside ankle section? And what about the spelling on the front of the tree shirt? Aples?

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  2. I remember having a big box of crayons when I was a kid but perhaps I gave them up too soon. I like that outfit. The red, white, and blue tree outfit appeals to me too for some reason. Being the old prude I am though, I demand that my t-shirts completely cover my nethers when I’m wearing leggings or knit pants.


  3. Good heavens…if these don’t look like the most uncomfortable clothes EVER…! What’s with all the plastic junk? I know…must have been the ‘unconventional’ challenge on PR! Totally agree that last skirt (and a couple other items) have to double as trash cans. Actually, the whole thing looks like a cross between the unconventional challenge and the ‘get your fabric only from the goodwill store’ challenge. Drapes has fashion has already been done much more successfully by Scarlett in GWTW, btw…!

    One last thing…what’s with the mis-matched earrings? They don’t even LOOK good. Sigh. Yet another ‘more money than sense’ collection. WHO is funding these things???


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