Butterick 6175

I slowly close the door behind me and run to embrace my love.
‘When can we stop meeting behind closed doors? When will you take me out on the town-‘
‘It’s complicated,’ I say. ‘So many things are in the way- I need time-‘
‘You always say that- you keep promising to introduce me to your friends, but I just feel like you are embarrassed by me!’
‘Stop! You know how much I love you! You know how I feel when I see you and how good it feels to touch you- it’s just……’
‘Say it! Tell me why we never go out!’ I knew what needed to be said, but it was too hurtful- I took a deep breath-
‘You don’t match anything. I love you but I have nothing to wear with you. I’m sorry. It’s not you- it’s me…….’

How many times have you had this conversation? How many times have you been unable to make your love public? Come on, I can’t be the only one that has these guilty shoe trysts in the closet.

Anna Sui 2009
Be honest. You saw them across the aisle- there was an instant connection- sparks, chemistry. You brought them home in a whirlwind of lust and dreams for your future- vacations, fancy dinners, moonlit walks and of course- the envy of all when they see you together.
Then you saw they didn’t fit your lifestyle- they didn’t mix with your other friends- your textile friends.
Can this relationship be saved? Can you grow together?
I need some new summer tops- work appropriate but cute and I need to get back in the good graces of my secret solemates- my neglected hoof covers that are starting to doubt me. If you think I am foolish enough to let you get a look at my shoe archive- you are mistaken- if pictures of my shoes get out there- color blind toddlers with bad taste will be racing to my closet to pilfer my treasures!


Enter Butterick 6172.  I was tempted to not blog this- I saw a very well-respected sewist is working on it too and hers will be a couture banquet- where as mine is more of a drive thru add fries event!

Please note that I have inserted a solid color into my work today. Yes, a solid. It was from a bundle Fabricmart sent me- what were they thinking? Well, maybe they knew I had these adorable pink maryjanes to show off!

Pattern details:

– this is my favorite summer sleeve length. I call it ‘cut at the lengthen or shorten here’ length. Thank you Butterick- it worked out just right. Why is this picture so blurry…..




– somehow I hemmed my pink on the wrong side, so it isn’t hanging down as designed- it almost creates a jagged pink monster mouth effect- who doesn’t want that? Honestly, I didn’t notice until very late in the process. See? I’m a planner!

– I used a premade bias tape on the neckline- I wanted to use as little of my floral as possible in case I can wedge in another project.


Surprisingly, the husband liked my tail. How often do you type that??


This lovely locale is the husbands hops trellis area. While he was building it the neighbors were very concerned- it had a gallows- esque look that definitely took us off the local trick or treat routes. Well played, Mr B.
Photo credits: pattern review, little me. Pinterest- the boots are Anna Sui. All images remain the property of their original owners.

46 thoughts on “Butterick 6175

  1. French fries drive-through my butt…it is darling and daring and the perfect spring-to-summer top. Wish I could wear a do-rag/scarf on my head as well as you do…if I did the neighbors might think I had been in a car accident. Now, dig through the stash and make another one before the smoke clears so you can have 2 tops that work!!!!

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  2. Ooooh me likey this pattern! [no no Fairy you have tooooo many] . As for the shoes/matching issue- sod it- unless you plan to spend a considerable amount of time with your feet on your shoulders [oo-er] who’s ever gonna see? I have green shoes that I wear with green tops or skirts…and good enough is good enough! Toning dahlink, not matchink!

    Liked by 1 person

      • My daughter used to threaten all manner of retribution if I was too ‘mitchee matchee’ as she puts it. Apparently it looks like you’re trying too hard. [sez she] So now I shrug and go with the flow a lot more. I still have days when I futz around changing in and out of everything until it looks right to me at least…


  3. The high low hemline thingy isn’t my favorite look – I’ll admit it – but what a comfy and cool top! And the pink flats are super cute 🙂 Fun post – enjoy your new top! I haven’t sewn anything in AGES…! My blog is lying dormant and sad and my sewing machine thinks I’ve forsaken it! Must get back in the swing of things and sew up some cute tops – I love the longer length tunics. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Hee, enjoyed your commentary. I did note your hem and the pattern’s hem were different. I still can’t figure out what you did differently. I’m thinking to get this pattern now! Although getting it and sewing it: not the same. I love your pink shoes! Great colour. Would look good with lots of navy, even navy tights if it were colder.


  5. Siobhan says:

    I was really hoping to see you rock those boots with that top! Next time maybe 😉 I have an amazing pair of leopard print kitten heels with a bow on top…and have never worn them. I’m just waiting for the right outfit, I swear!


    • Those boots are gorgeous- wish I had a pair- but my mortgage precludes it!!
      I can wear leopard with everything- give me a solid color to match and Zi get nit picky!


  6. Sarah says:

    You are twisted and talented and bold and funny. So glad that today’s post was my first introduction to your blog. Thank you for brightening my day, my feed, and the rest of this night while I read through your archives.


  7. You are worried about the exact shade of pink in your shoes?? Seriously?? A girl who wears a tail with aplomb? I thought (hoped, believed) that the gaudy Victorian hooker booties with lurex tights were the mismatched item. Come on – clashing is the thing. And I can’t wait to see Bunny’s tasteful, restrained version, he he…


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